Eclipse . . . Time to Transmute. . .

What is the Eclipse of light illuminating within you?   Transformation uses the tension of opposites to catapult us into a new form. . . . like a coiled spring growing tighter until it propels us to spring forwardto take the leap in consciousness and growWe are being transformed; and the final form is not yet clear.

Transmutation, on the other hand, is about containing opposites and becoming something that is greater than either pole.  It is about becoming big enough to hold both poles, without collapsing into either one. For example, what is happening now in the world is bigger than US politics and presidential elections– it points to an evolutionary leap that has been in the making for centuries–for eons of time–transforming and transmuting us.

Our biological instincts are driven by fears, greed-and always needing more, territoriality, ritual and worship to protect what we have. These instincts are wired into our brain-stem, also known as the ‘reptilian brain’.  That’s the brain which instinctively seeks to destroy whatever appears weak.  AND, it is NOT our only brain. The drama being played out in the sociopolitical economic world right now–seeing each other through the lens of ‘weak and needy’ vs ‘strong and entitled’; protecting the territory of the wealthy, middle class, poor classes by way of nationalistic, religious and racist and economic divisions creates a shadow of darkness that eclipses who and what we are.

We are human animals (all of us) in the process of becoming humane beings.

Instead of NEEDING more to be Okay–step into the MORE you ARE–right now.

There is MORE to us than instinctive reactions.  Containing all of who we are, shadow and light–turns the lead into Gold. Choose to transmute into your whole self–animal, and spirit and so much more.


Many of us have realized we are more than our fears and reactions already–and it inspires us  to accept our own and others vulnerabilities; to give more of who we are, and to share what we have instead of hoard;

. . . and to tame the fears, and say ‘stop’ to the aggressive instinct when it shows up within us and in our interactions with others.


In the mean time, I ask you. . .

How are you experiencing transformation and transmutation?              

For me, I aim, more and more, every day, to do one small thing that is a demonstration and expression of humanitarianism. . .I am choosing to embody speaking to myself and others more humanely, compassionately. . .

. . .to the best of my ability/ in all my vulnerable/ and flawed humanness/to continue with self-care/and Self-care/and be the example/ as much as possible

/ In my lonely, helpless moments / I reach out in out / to those loving sources within me / and those loving who place loving arms around me /

I allow myself to cry / I allow myself to dream / I take peaceful action / and plant seeds / in the soil of shattered dreams. . . / knowing / that the soul of the human spirit / and the spirit within me  /is being fertilized

SEVEN SECRETS of Self- Healing


I created this acronym 30 years ago, to help steady my heart and relax my body when I was in the midst of my own accelerated personal transformative journey.

I notice that I am using this again now as I interface with the intensity of world conditions–especially, as it is magnified and amplified now through the US Presidential Election.  I remind myself that I am required to continue to do my own inner work, so as not to get caught in the vortex of the evolving collective consciousness–which is in the early phase of the death-birth transformative process.

There are three distinct processes: TRANSFORM – TRANSMUTE – TRANSCEND – and I will discuss that in a future blog.  I Developed the T-R-U-S-T to help with the energy of transformation (Death-rebirth). . . I will discuss EGO DEATH AND THE HUMAN STRESS RESPONSE in my next Facebook LIVE CHAT on OCTOBER 26.

But for today . . . let’s look at the SECRETS that help us to TRANSMUTE the energy of the collective, so we do not fall into a psychic death (even if it does lead to renewal and rebirth).stones-on-water

Transmutation comes with experience of holding the shadow in ourselves and containing both the dark and bright shadow elements in ourselves–instead of projecting them onto others.  For example, I had several interesting dreams last night that were evoking blame and distracting chaos.  No doubt evoked from watching the US Presidential debate.  Here is a quick sketch of what I did (and continue to do as part of my spiritual practice).

  1. SHIFT–shift attention to the Witness, and Observe. My dream (which is too long to put into the blog) revealed to me that I was experiencing an increase in judgmental attitudes and emotional reactivity.
  1. EXPLORE–I felt a pulling in of the energy in my body, and a heaviness pulling down on my heart. I noticed I felt emotionally sad. I perceived the tangles of an ancestral condition of feelings of oppression, self-righteous indignation and many thoughts that justified those feelings.  I recognized this pattern in our politics, in myself, and in my ancestral lineage–my parents, and their parents who were immigrants who left their homelands due to Pogroms.
  1. CREATE–Create a context that can contain the energy. (This is key to transmutation). I realized that I am a psychically sensitive human being–impacted by the collective energy because I am part of the collective.  I am in the midst of the next level of psychic / spiritual opening.  I commit to doing my work in service of myself and the collective.  To do this work I asked my inner resources “What are the gifts of my ancestors . . . how do I embrace their gifts and blessings so I may bring that into the world–and bring healing to them, as well as me and our world at this time in history.”
  1. RELEASE–I release the negative through the breath as I become aware of it; and, release into the Creative. I do this by recognizing the gifts I receive from my ancestors– the gifts of being a healer, teacher, and artist dedicated to recognizing that we are all One, and One with all of Life–I release myself into ‘Listening’ to the ‘Call’ of Spirit and the Great Mystery of Life as part of my spiritual practice.
  1. EXPECT RESISTANCE–Now when the negative energy arises (in myself as judgments or in others)–I realize that I am transmuting it. I work with my experience of collective transition -death-rebirth by recognize this work is not only for my own transformation. I am transmuting the poisons of the past into healing medicine for now and future generations by– containing what I call positive and negative energies at the same time, instead of only polarizing into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ‘life or death’.
  1. T-R-U-S-T–I turn inward to discover the deeper truth within me. I relax and receive guidance. I use the tools I have–body felt-sense, heart, mind, perceptions and synchronicities to ‘LISTEN’ and guide me.  I ask for guidance and share what I learn.  I take a Stand . . . and I take action.


Trauma Induced Spiritual Awakenings


Trauma or the pain of confronting unexpected radical changes is the bitter medicine of our current day and age.  It requires us to continually grow and evolve–to find the Source of Creativity that supports inner stability amidst an ever changing, unpredictable external landscape of unexpected challenges.
I found myself challenged today by unexpected changes while composing and editing this blog.  I am ‘on the road’ traveling right now.  I stopped and settled into a hotel with the intent to write. . . Suddenly I discovered I have no computer access.  The hotel’s business centre’s one lonely computer is also not giving me the ‘access’ I need.  With frustration mounting. . . And after a few deep breaths. . . I decided to type this blog post with my thumbs on my ‘Smartphone’.

Adapting to change is only part of the story.

The bigger questions arise when we are confronted with changes so deep, so radical that we are truly required to stop and do some serious soul-searching.  Then, Life’s tragedies have the power to initiate something that I call a ‘Trauma Induced Spiritual Awakening’.

How do you cope with the stress of unexpected changes–the small ones, like no computer access, and the big ones that shatter your world?  Personal disasters like abuse, neglect, or a life threatening health crisis and loss?. . . Or political betrayals and economic or environmental disasters?  This is the stuff of a breakdown that may lead to a breakthrough, what I call a ‘trauma induced spiritual awakening’.

The idea of ‘Awakening’ to our ‘True Self’ through soul tests and challenges is not a new concept at all.  Ancient and indigenous cultures talk about these kinds of experiences as ‘sacred rites of passage’  Psychology describes it as post traumatic growth (PTG).  I think of it as a psychic and spiritual awakening that leads to greater embodied awareness.

I will be talking about this more in my next FACEBOOK LIVE Chat on Wednesday September 28 at 11:00 pacific time / 2:00 Eastern. . . and I hope you can join me, and share your thoughts, questions and comments and questions in real time with our international community.

Maybe you would like to share a bit about how the school of hard knocks has been a valuable spiritual teacher for you?  I’d love to hear. . .

Being ‘Awake’ While Dying

The ancient mystery teachings suggest that there are two ways by which we die—the death of the body and the death of the soul—and the greater mystery is the death of the soul—how we Awaken after a psychic death, while we are still alive in our body.

Death of the body, it is said, is the lesser mystery. . . We cannot help but Awaken to our spiritual nature—to finally realize that there IS more to life than just material reality. . .Sometimes it is easier to realize this after we are released from our physical body with all its appetites and attachments.


I had originally intended to share with you in this blog, my learnings about “Trauma Induced Spiritual Awakenings” as an example of this mystery of psychic death and spiritual renewal. . .

However, in light of my last 10 days, I would like to share some of my own Awakenings while witnessing Marg’s dying—her showing me and others how to be ‘Awake’ while she was dying. . .

No one, of course, can predict ‘when’ someone will depart from this world any more than we can predict when a spirit enters our world as a baby at the time of birth.  On Thursday, Marg told Ann, “I am tired of dying”.  Although I did not know when, I knew it would not be long. . . . at 11:00 pm on Thursday night, Marg’s pain apparently began to increase to the degree that the nursing staff gave her Ativan and morphine on Thursday night.  After my blog went out, I received an email that our friend had died that day (Friday), attended by her friend Margarita, who stayed with her throughout the night.

Our North American culture seems to have forgotten how to usher loved ones into the other world, and so I am sharing here with you some of what I did while I was with Marg during her final days.  I am not listing everything, because it would make this post too long. . . though I know there are many, many traditions that have not forgotten. . . and I invite you to consider how you might help yourself and others when the time and opportunity comes upon you.

I recall a teaching from the Dalai Lama, who suggested that we can assist someone when they are dying to have a good birth next lifetime by helping them clear their mind as they transition.  He recommended the use of prayer, chanting and ritual.  I went to visit my friend with that intent; and I feel honoured that Marg gave me permission to chant to her during some of her very last days here on earth.

Every evening that I was with Marg, in between our brief conversations and giving her sips of water or attending to other needs, I asked for permission from Marg to chant to her.  Once permission was granted, I performed various transition rituals.

The chanting seemed to soothe Marg, like a lullaby soothes us when we are young—like chanting Om mani padme hum for a few hours.  Sometimes I was drawn to chant the Sikh Kirtan kriya SA-TA-NA-MA (which translates as ‘Infinity-Life-Death-Rebirth.)  Or I would usher her to sleep with Dream Yoga chants to seed the deep knowing of how to ‘Awaken’ in her dreams.


I also felt moved to chant the Hebrew prayer called the Shema. .  .“Listen”.  When I was 12 years old, I was taught to recite this prayer on my deathbed. . . so, I was told, “our final thought in this world is remembering our Oneness with the Creator and all of creation.”  I frequently followed the Shema with chanting the  13 attributes of the Eternal, a prayer that is chanted on the holiest day of the year. . . before we enter the ‘holy of holies.’

Adonai, Adonai, El rakhum v’khanun, erekh apai-yim v’rav khesed v’emet. No-tzayr khesed la-a-lafim, nosay avon vafesha v’khata’a v’nakay.

Yod-Hey-Vav-hay, Compassion and Tenderness, Patience, Forbearance, Kindness, Awareness.  Bearing love from age to age, lifting guilt and mistakes and making us free.              

(Transliteration and translation, from the Aquarian Minyan Makhzor)

Once, when I chanted the 13 attributes of the Eternal, Marg opened her eyes. With her 80 year old eyes full of sparks of love, she beamed her toothless smile at me as I continued chanting; both of us gazing at each other for some time while I was chanting. . . And I suddenly realized. . . “Marg is emanating each of the 13 attributes of the Eternal. . .

. . . She is looking at me with. . .

. . . Compassion. . . Tenderness. . . Patience. . . Forbearance. . . Kindness. . . Awareness. . . unconditional Love. . . carried forward from Age to Age. . .”  I saw her as completely released from guilt and mistakes. . . she was already Free in that moment.

I felt liberated too. . . I experienced the Eternal. . . within her. . . within me. . . And, when passing the Nursing station I saw the Eternal in each of us. . . within and beyond the stories of our lives.

As I walked from the Hospice to my car at 1:00 am in the warm, Texas summer’s night’s air. . . I experienced the Eternal within the trees, and night’s sky. . . and all of existence.


In essence we are all free.  Though we live in a world of forgetfulness, we have within us this ability to remember our essential nature.

Before leaving Marg for the last time, the final ritual I performed, I invited Marg and Ann to join me in a traditional forgiveness ceremony. Marg’s last words to me as I left her room on my way to the airport were, “I love you.”

And although I may forget from time to time Marg’s final teachings while I live amidst and within the paradoxes of our ordinary world, I will also remember—and I will remember her. She remains with me in the secret chambers of the heart where souls touch and embrace in eternal-love-age-after-age.

Teachings from the Edge of Life, Death and Beyond

In the midst of all of this birth in my life—birth of my online course, birth of my FACEBOOK LIVE Chats, the start of a new season of Supervision, and interviews for the 2017 Embodied Awareness 13 month program, I received news of the imminent death of a dear friend and spiritual family member. This moved what I teach about death and rebirth to a very intimate and deep personal level. I am compelled to share with you some of my learning’s from the time I have spent with Marg, through excerpts from my journal and emails to friends:


“Interesting what brings us together”. . . Marg said these words to me when I first walked into her hospice room in Austin, Texas. Labor Day weekend I heard from friends that our friend Ann was with Marg, who had been transferred from hospital to hospice.  I felt moved to be with Marg.  Marg, Ann and I were part of a community of about 15 others who, in the early 1980s, all studied together with Angeles Arrien  one weekend a month for four years.  (As a side note, Angeles was called ‘Angie’ back then, and in the mid 80’s asked us to call her Angeles instead.)

for-sept-16-16-blogIt is all interesting—what brought us together 35 years ago, when our souls were seeded with insights from ‘Angie’, and fertilized in each other’s company over the years…To witness how we have all taken root…and how Spirit has flowered in our lives.  How we have added blessings not only to each other—but to so many others…as each of us continues to engage in the Great Work, each in our own way—and as Marg is now teaching us. . . in the end, it is truly all about love, acceptance and trust.

When Marg was hospitalized a few weeks ago, Ann flew in from Northern California to be with her.  Ann has been a steady presence every day from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Ann stayed until 10:30 pm to greet me the evening I arrived from the airport.  Ann mentioned that while she was in Hospital Marg said, “My inner spirituality has never let me down”.  Though Marg seemed to have forgotten saying that (when Ann mentioned it for my benefit), as soon as I looked into her eyes—in spite of her body being riddled with metastasized cancer, tumors visibly bulging beneath the surface of her skin—it was obvious.

None-the-less, Marg is in a state of acceptance instead of fear. Receptivity instead of resistance or trepidation. Peace and surrender to “what is”.

And when she connects with friends and family, Marg’s spirit flickers ‘all there’—lighting up the room with a magnificent toothless grin and the flame of love shining through her 80 year old eyes…

The first day I was with her, someone said to her, “You look uncomfortable” (as they were about to call for a nurse).

Marg simply said “So what. . .”

I chuckled. “That is a great attitude Marg!” I replied.  She looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and said “Thank you.”  A model of acceptance and surrender to “what is” without getting lost in it!  Be ‘in the world, not of it.’

. . . And other times, Marg asked for medication.  There was/is no one ‘right’ way.

On Labor Day, she had many, many visitors, of family and friends and she rallied to say hello to everyone.  The family shared stories.  There was no conflict.  No rivalry.  Lots of humor, generosity and love amidst some tears.

Ann also read to Marg many beautiful emails from so many friends from around the world that day.  Apparently, Marg was the US Representative at several International Semiconductor Policy Conferences.  She made many friends around the world, especially in Japan where the conferences were held. The people she worked with ‘across the pond’ on her trips to Asia deeply respected Marg and expressed so much love and gratitude for her for being their teacher, mentor and guide.

I know I am here learning one-last-lesson from my friend—a lesson in how to live with dying and die without fear.

As a side bar—during our studies with Angeles, ‘Angie’ shared many native Basque cultural teachings with us.  She also shared an ancient numerology method together with images from Tarot Cards to understand our soul’s destiny. Marg’s numerology added up to a 5. This correlated with Tarot Key V, and made Marg a Hierophant—“a teacher and consultant.”  On the surface Marg was a computer geek. However, she was also a poet, painter, philosopher and storyteller…A teacher and guide sharing sacred stories with anyone who asked questions or had ears to listen…clearly.  Marg lived a life that fulfilled her Hierophant soul’s destiny—Who could ask for more?

My First Facebook LIVE Chat… Amazing, Fulfilling, Enlightening…

As many of you know, last Wednesday (August 31) I held my first Facebook LIVE Chat.  It was a wonderful hour of engagement and sharing.  Most wonderful for me was the participation both during and after–being able to connect with local and far-flung friends in real time on the Chat and through comments after the Chat ended.  The response was more than I ever expected and still leaves me in awe.

After sharing some of my story for about 20 or 25 minutes, I took questions from my audience.  In this week’s blog, I would like to share with you one of those questions, and my response to it.

Embodied Awareness image

Question: How does this approach (of using Embodied Awareness in our daily lives) differ from others – what makes it unique?

{BH} All right.  So one of the things I think is fascinating today is there is a lot of talk about mindfulness–Mindfulness is a method for awareness meditation.  The difference with embodied awareness is it is about the integration of our awareness into our bodies.  We use our bodies as receiving stations for guidance from inner resources as well as outer resources (receiving input through our senses).  This allows that creative source within us to synthesize all of the information.  Then, when we ask for and receive inner guidance we can receive insights on how to take our next step in a way that is in harmony with ourselves, with our environment, with other people and with that Great mystery, we call the Creator.

How do all of those things come together?

Embodied awareness in many ways is a bit of a different approach, it’s similar to what I talk about in my Spiritually Directed Therapy programs.  There are five steps in spiritually directed therapy—embodied awareness is the core:

The first step is to connect within, connect with yourself and your inner spiritual resources to gain guidance and wisdom.

Nextobserve and witness your experiences, your reactions, thoughts or interpretations of your experiences—that’s where mindfulness comes.

This is followed by deep listening—listening to ourselves and others with the ears of our heart, to listen with your whole body, heart and soul–and share your feelings with yourself and others.

Then we also engage our intuition and our creativity through embodied awareness.  We expand into our capacity to see, to hear, smell, taste, touch—as well as being aware of our gut responses on an energy level, our heart and emotional, telepathic transmissions.  We also get clairaudient signals, like our capacity to read intentions.  We open our inner eye through symbolic awareness, visions, dreams; and, this awakens spiritual discernment–the awareness of “how we really know what’s true”.  Our intuition, or intuitive awareness, puts it all together by perceiving the greater pattern. That’s why I think of ‘intuition’ as a pattern recognition ‘function’ that then ultimately brings us into full realization of who and what we truly are—spiritual beings, which is also known as Self-realization—So that’s what embodied awareness is about

The final step is to embody that Self awareness.  Ask your Self for guidance “what do you do now?” and commit to take action, to bring your gifts into the world.  So that’s what I would say is unique about this.

The Countdown is On!

Tomorrow, August  31st is the day I launch my Facebook LIVE Chat.

My Goal remains the same – to offer Everyone, Everywhere a means of learning more about that which I call Embodied Awareness.  My hope is for you to learn, or learn more, about my approach to Embodied Awareness – about how Embodied Awareness is the practice of coming to know yourself – how it is about integrating the wisdom that is transmitted to you via your senses, emotions, thoughts and expanded intuitive perceptions to fully awaken to your spiritual nature and feel fully alive in your body.


Through Facebook LIVE Chat, I will also answer your questions directly, provide guidance, and share in the ways that you can continue to explore Embodied Awareness.

As a reminder, this Chat is Free of Charge and being held on August 31, 2016 at 12:00 noon in Calgary (where I live) which is 11AM Pacific and 2PM Eastern. 

Please join me, and take some time to reflect and renew your bond with your essential nature and spiritual Self with me and others in our global community.

My First Facebook LIVE Chat

I love how mainstream ancient wisdom principles are becoming these days!  My online course is just one example of mysticism going mainstream. . .

Another is how even more conventional periodicals like the Farmers Almanac describes the benefits and challenges of a of Mercury Retrograde cycle, which starts August 30th to September 21. . . “Perhaps Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.”

As an astrologer and psychologist, I understand that Mercury reminds us to take time out for Self care. . . Go inward and practice ‘deep listening’ instead focusing on the constant chatter of our oh so busy-life-distractions.  This is the time to recharge your inner batteries by letting Lord Mercury guide you to communion with your inner source.  Personally, I have learned that the best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde period is reflect, review, meditate, and welcome the extraordinary coincidences that continue to greet you. (Yes, that includes those pesky unexpected delays and ‘plans gone awry’).

Hands for August 25 Blog

That’s why I have decided to launch my very first Embodied Awareness Facebook LIVE Chat, on August 31, 2016 at 12:00 noon in Calgary (where I live) – 11AM Pacific and 2PM Eastern.

To join in, click here. There is no charge to attend.

My hope is that it will give you the opportunity to learn, or learn more, about my approach to Embodied Awareness, and how it is the practice of coming to know yourself and how it is about integrating the wisdom that is transmitted to you via your senses, emotions, thoughts and expanded intuitive perceptions.  It is the first of 11 Embodied Awareness Facebook LIVE Chats. I will be reviewing each of the Modules in my Online Course, and taking questions and answers.

Take time to reflect and renew your bond with your essential nature and spiritual Self with me and others in our global community—starting THIS MONTH!

I look forward to connecting with you.

Recognizing Spiritual By-pass and Coming to Know Your Shadow

“Many people mistake emotional feelings and personal reactions for intuitions. However, what someone wants to be true, or is afraid might be true, is not the same as ‘perceiving’ what is true. It can be confusing, because both emotional feelings and intuitive feelings are subjective experiences. Both reactive emotional patterns and intuitive perceptions are subtle feeling states. One of the most common mistakes is to assume that a psychological projection is an intuitive perception. A projection is based on seeing the world through the lens of your wishes, wants, fears or desires; and there is most often a strong attachment, bias or self-righteous value judgment that attends a projection.” (Module 6 Embodied Awareness Online)

It is very exciting for me to hear from people who are taking Introduction to Embodied Awareness Online and to read or hear them share their thoughts, feelings and insights.  One of the best things that I am discovering about offering online courses is that I have a chance to connect with people from all over the world, who are passionate about personal healing and spiritual growth.

Putri, who teaches psychology at a local university in Jakarta contacted me. In Indonesia, even though there is one official language and about 700 regional languages, many university class books, including psychology, are in English.

Putri not only reads and studies in English; she speaks and writes English quite well. I have not edited her comments; I am sure you will enjoy them, and I am hoping you will add a few of your own to this blog post!


Putri said, “Its an eyes opener for me regarding (how) as human we failed to differentiate which one is intuition and which one is emotions or cognitive. As for practice, I do self observation and self-talk many times during hardship. Embracing what the heart wanted to say, allowing the feeling to be acknowledge and expressed, are things I had done in the last two years. I prefer quite place like my room and I don’t want to be bothered with other things (household or works) when this process takes place.”

“Many times I cried my own in this process to allow such emotions to be heard and seen even when no one there in the room. I sometimes record my self-talk process. Afterwards I tried to listen again and observed what did I said, how I said it and what clue or hints can I get from it? Many times I understand better about this my emotions dynamics. Few times I can get the ‘aha” moments. And a lot of times I realized that emotions n thoughts wanted to heard, wanted to be appreciated and accepted. After this process done, everything became so quiet, so peaceful and so content. If there’s ‘aha’ insights it usually become my homework for next week to explore again.”

  • How do you differentiate emotional feelings and psychological projections from genuine intuitions from cognitions and subtle thoughts?
  • How do your emotions or thoughts act as signals?
  • Do you have an example of how and embodied intuitive awareness opens for you and leads you to spiritually directed guidance from the “Aha!” place of peace?

Embodied Parenting

Since launching my online course, I have received awe-inspiring feedback regarding not only the course but my website as well.

I recently had the pleasure to engage in a discussion around Family and Child Therapy, and more specifically, what I mean when I refer to having a child who is ‘highly sensitive’ or psychic—an ‘indigo’, ‘crystal’ or ‘rainbow’ child.

We all have needs; and attending to a child’s needs is part of the role of parenting.  Parenting calls for attention to Self-care and care of our family members.  The ability to recognize our child’s unique needs, listening to our child with our whole body and all twelve senses, and then extending care to children is the mark of an embodied approach to parenting.

The 12 senses of embodied awareness are: 1. smelling (nose), 2. Tasting (tongue), 3. Seeing (eyes), 4. Hearing (ears), 5. Touch (via skin), 6. Feeling (energy transmission – a ‘gut feeling’), 7. Transmission of emotions (via the heart), 8. Transmission of ideas (inner voice), 9. Clear seeing (inner eye), 10. Spiritual discernment, 11. Intuition, and 12. Realization. I discuss each sense in detail in Module 8 in my Online Course.

As for Caring for a Psychic Child: If your child is highly sensitive, she or he is very likely an Empath.  An Empath’s brain actually works differently than those who are not Empaths.

0 Sylvias heart_radical selfcare for 08 09 2016

Empathy is one of the 12 senses of embodied awareness.  It is also called telepathy or the transmission of emotion.

An Empath is a person who has an acute or highly developed sense of empathy.  Empathy is the capability to share feelings and understand another’s emotion and feelings and is often characterized as the ability to “put oneself into another’s shoes”.  For empaths, everything is alive and has a soul that they can feel—trees, rocks, clouds, the earth and all animals. Help your child develop a vocabulary of feelings.

An Indigo Child (or ‘indigo adult’) is generally high energy, intense, intelligent and independent.  Parapsychologist and psychic Nancy Ann Tappe who had the gift of seeing auras coined the name ‘indigo child’.  She suggests that indigo is the color of the aura for these souls, and that they first started being born in the 1970s or ’80s and they are known to have many psychic gifts (though I challenge those dates as there have been powerful, intelligent, independent psychics in every generation since the beginning of recorded history.)

Indigos are especially skilled at ‘reading’ the intentions of others . . . Transmission of ideas, as when reading an intention, is another of the 12 senses of embodied awareness.  Because of keenly being able to tell the difference between what someone says and what they truly mean, Indigos often are challenged by patience and impatience.  When young they may assume that everybody has the same sensitivities and awareness as they do.  It is often a rude awakening when they realize others do not always understand.  Help your indigo develop patience and compassion for self and others.

The contemporary lore on Crystal children is that they instinctively channel and emit healing energy.  Like a crystal, they often amplify energy.  This makes them acutely sensitive, and they often need solitude to rebalance.  It is important to teach them self-care practices at a very early age, as their ‘crystal’ nature enables them to pick up energy and perceive the aura colors from the people around them. It is also said that they are even more likely to become healers or ‘lightworkers’ than other psychic children are.  Expanding their sense of spiritual discernment will be especially important for these souls.

Finally, ‘Rainbow’ is a new ‘class’ of psychic child.  These children are thought to be otherworldly and are said to be here on earth to help us build bridges between worlds. Encourage your rainbow to be curious and communicative.

Embodied Parenting requires a healthy sense of boundaries, the ability to listen with their whole body (using all 12 senses), extend compassion and clarity in times of stress, and express their own natural playful, curious spirit in times of joy.  These skills help parents to be present, aware and committed to their own and their children’s personal growth and development within one’s role as a parent and caregiver.