Embodied Parenting

Since launching my online course, I have received awe-inspiring feedback regarding not only the course but my website as well.

I recently had the pleasure to engage in a discussion around Family and Child Therapy, and more specifically, what I mean when I refer to having a child who is ‘highly sensitive’ or psychic—an ‘indigo’, ‘crystal’ or ‘rainbow’ child.

We all have needs; and attending to a child’s needs is part of the role of parenting.  Parenting calls for attention to Self-care and care of our family members.  The ability to recognize our child’s unique needs, listening to our child with our whole body and all twelve senses, and then extending care to children is the mark of an embodied approach to parenting.

The 12 senses of embodied awareness are: 1. smelling (nose), 2. Tasting (tongue), 3. Seeing (eyes), 4. Hearing (ears), 5. Touch (via skin), 6. Feeling (energy transmission – a ‘gut feeling’), 7. Transmission of emotions (via the heart), 8. Transmission of ideas (inner voice), 9. Clear seeing (inner eye), 10. Spiritual discernment, 11. Intuition, and 12. Realization. I discuss each sense in detail in Module 8 in my Online Course.

As for Caring for a Psychic Child: If your child is highly sensitive, she or he is very likely an Empath.  An Empath’s brain actually works differently than those who are not Empaths.

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Empathy is one of the 12 senses of embodied awareness.  It is also called telepathy or the transmission of emotion.

An Empath is a person who has an acute or highly developed sense of empathy.  Empathy is the capability to share feelings and understand another’s emotion and feelings and is often characterized as the ability to “put oneself into another’s shoes”.  For empaths, everything is alive and has a soul that they can feel—trees, rocks, clouds, the earth and all animals. Help your child develop a vocabulary of feelings.

An Indigo Child (or ‘indigo adult’) is generally high energy, intense, intelligent and independent.  Parapsychologist and psychic Nancy Ann Tappe who had the gift of seeing auras coined the name ‘indigo child’.  She suggests that indigo is the color of the aura for these souls, and that they first started being born in the 1970s or ’80s and they are known to have many psychic gifts (though I challenge those dates as there have been powerful, intelligent, independent psychics in every generation since the beginning of recorded history.)

Indigos are especially skilled at ‘reading’ the intentions of others . . . Transmission of ideas, as when reading an intention, is another of the 12 senses of embodied awareness.  Because of keenly being able to tell the difference between what someone says and what they truly mean, Indigos often are challenged by patience and impatience.  When young they may assume that everybody has the same sensitivities and awareness as they do.  It is often a rude awakening when they realize others do not always understand.  Help your indigo develop patience and compassion for self and others.

The contemporary lore on Crystal children is that they instinctively channel and emit healing energy.  Like a crystal, they often amplify energy.  This makes them acutely sensitive, and they often need solitude to rebalance.  It is important to teach them self-care practices at a very early age, as their ‘crystal’ nature enables them to pick up energy and perceive the aura colors from the people around them. It is also said that they are even more likely to become healers or ‘lightworkers’ than other psychic children are.  Expanding their sense of spiritual discernment will be especially important for these souls.

Finally, ‘Rainbow’ is a new ‘class’ of psychic child.  These children are thought to be otherworldly and are said to be here on earth to help us build bridges between worlds. Encourage your rainbow to be curious and communicative.

Embodied Parenting requires a healthy sense of boundaries, the ability to listen with their whole body (using all 12 senses), extend compassion and clarity in times of stress, and express their own natural playful, curious spirit in times of joy.  These skills help parents to be present, aware and committed to their own and their children’s personal growth and development within one’s role as a parent and caregiver.


One thought on “Embodied Parenting

  1. This is a good article about identifying children with paranormal ability and how to raise them in effective ways (indigo, crystal, rainbow, empath).
    To raise our next generation is our responsibility. In Indonesia, majority of populations still lives in under-developed structure of housing, education, economic, communication and health. Child abuse case is arising every year, National Commission of Child Protection declare child abuse as emergency situation in Indonesia.
    There are many risk factors for the rising level of violence against children from year to year . One of risk factors is the lack of skill of effective parenting for children in this modern era . Many parents understand their obligations as breadwinners , feeding children , sending children to school . All part of fulfilling the basic needs of children. Many parents in Indonesia do not understand the child as a unique individual , creative ,talented and thus require different parenting patterns according to the their on uniqueness. Meeting the needs of affection and emotions for children are still lacking in the country. Hopefully this article can bring more information to raise a better generation for a better tomorrow.

    Elizabeth Santosa, psychologist
    Commissioner of the National Commission for Child Protection Indonesia

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