Recognizing Spiritual By-pass and Coming to Know Your Shadow

“Many people mistake emotional feelings and personal reactions for intuitions. However, what someone wants to be true, or is afraid might be true, is not the same as ‘perceiving’ what is true. It can be confusing, because both emotional feelings and intuitive feelings are subjective experiences. Both reactive emotional patterns and intuitive perceptions are subtle feeling states. One of the most common mistakes is to assume that a psychological projection is an intuitive perception. A projection is based on seeing the world through the lens of your wishes, wants, fears or desires; and there is most often a strong attachment, bias or self-righteous value judgment that attends a projection.” (Module 6 Embodied Awareness Online)

It is very exciting for me to hear from people who are taking Introduction to Embodied Awareness Online and to read or hear them share their thoughts, feelings and insights.  One of the best things that I am discovering about offering online courses is that I have a chance to connect with people from all over the world, who are passionate about personal healing and spiritual growth.

Putri, who teaches psychology at a local university in Jakarta contacted me. In Indonesia, even though there is one official language and about 700 regional languages, many university class books, including psychology, are in English.

Putri not only reads and studies in English; she speaks and writes English quite well. I have not edited her comments; I am sure you will enjoy them, and I am hoping you will add a few of your own to this blog post!


Putri said, “Its an eyes opener for me regarding (how) as human we failed to differentiate which one is intuition and which one is emotions or cognitive. As for practice, I do self observation and self-talk many times during hardship. Embracing what the heart wanted to say, allowing the feeling to be acknowledge and expressed, are things I had done in the last two years. I prefer quite place like my room and I don’t want to be bothered with other things (household or works) when this process takes place.”

“Many times I cried my own in this process to allow such emotions to be heard and seen even when no one there in the room. I sometimes record my self-talk process. Afterwards I tried to listen again and observed what did I said, how I said it and what clue or hints can I get from it? Many times I understand better about this my emotions dynamics. Few times I can get the ‘aha” moments. And a lot of times I realized that emotions n thoughts wanted to heard, wanted to be appreciated and accepted. After this process done, everything became so quiet, so peaceful and so content. If there’s ‘aha’ insights it usually become my homework for next week to explore again.”

  • How do you differentiate emotional feelings and psychological projections from genuine intuitions from cognitions and subtle thoughts?
  • How do your emotions or thoughts act as signals?
  • Do you have an example of how and embodied intuitive awareness opens for you and leads you to spiritually directed guidance from the “Aha!” place of peace?

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