Eclipse . . . Time to Transmute. . .

What is the Eclipse of light illuminating within you?   Transformation uses the tension of opposites to catapult us into a new form. . . . like a coiled spring growing tighter until it propels us to spring forwardto take the leap in consciousness and growWe are being transformed; and the final form is not yet clear.

Transmutation, on the other hand, is about containing opposites and becoming something that is greater than either pole.  It is about becoming big enough to hold both poles, without collapsing into either one. For example, what is happening now in the world is bigger than US politics and presidential elections– it points to an evolutionary leap that has been in the making for centuries–for eons of time–transforming and transmuting us.

Our biological instincts are driven by fears, greed-and always needing more, territoriality, ritual and worship to protect what we have. These instincts are wired into our brain-stem, also known as the ‘reptilian brain’.  That’s the brain which instinctively seeks to destroy whatever appears weak.  AND, it is NOT our only brain. The drama being played out in the sociopolitical economic world right now–seeing each other through the lens of ‘weak and needy’ vs ‘strong and entitled’; protecting the territory of the wealthy, middle class, poor classes by way of nationalistic, religious and racist and economic divisions creates a shadow of darkness that eclipses who and what we are.

We are human animals (all of us) in the process of becoming humane beings.

Instead of NEEDING more to be Okay–step into the MORE you ARE–right now.

There is MORE to us than instinctive reactions.  Containing all of who we are, shadow and light–turns the lead into Gold. Choose to transmute into your whole self–animal, and spirit and so much more.


Many of us have realized we are more than our fears and reactions already–and it inspires us  to accept our own and others vulnerabilities; to give more of who we are, and to share what we have instead of hoard;

. . . and to tame the fears, and say ‘stop’ to the aggressive instinct when it shows up within us and in our interactions with others.


In the mean time, I ask you. . .

How are you experiencing transformation and transmutation?              

For me, I aim, more and more, every day, to do one small thing that is a demonstration and expression of humanitarianism. . .I am choosing to embody speaking to myself and others more humanely, compassionately. . .

. . .to the best of my ability/ in all my vulnerable/ and flawed humanness/to continue with self-care/and Self-care/and be the example/ as much as possible

/ In my lonely, helpless moments / I reach out in out / to those loving sources within me / and those loving who place loving arms around me /

I allow myself to cry / I allow myself to dream / I take peaceful action / and plant seeds / in the soil of shattered dreams. . . / knowing / that the soul of the human spirit / and the spirit within me  /is being fertilized

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