SEVEN SECRETS of Self- Healing


I created this acronym 30 years ago, to help steady my heart and relax my body when I was in the midst of my own accelerated personal transformative journey.

I notice that I am using this again now as I interface with the intensity of world conditions–especially, as it is magnified and amplified now through the US Presidential Election.  I remind myself that I am required to continue to do my own inner work, so as not to get caught in the vortex of the evolving collective consciousness–which is in the early phase of the death-birth transformative process.

There are three distinct processes: TRANSFORM – TRANSMUTE – TRANSCEND – and I will discuss that in a future blog.  I Developed the T-R-U-S-T to help with the energy of transformation (Death-rebirth). . . I will discuss EGO DEATH AND THE HUMAN STRESS RESPONSE in my next Facebook LIVE CHAT on OCTOBER 26.

But for today . . . let’s look at the SECRETS that help us to TRANSMUTE the energy of the collective, so we do not fall into a psychic death (even if it does lead to renewal and rebirth).stones-on-water

Transmutation comes with experience of holding the shadow in ourselves and containing both the dark and bright shadow elements in ourselves–instead of projecting them onto others.  For example, I had several interesting dreams last night that were evoking blame and distracting chaos.  No doubt evoked from watching the US Presidential debate.  Here is a quick sketch of what I did (and continue to do as part of my spiritual practice).

  1. SHIFT–shift attention to the Witness, and Observe. My dream (which is too long to put into the blog) revealed to me that I was experiencing an increase in judgmental attitudes and emotional reactivity.
  1. EXPLORE–I felt a pulling in of the energy in my body, and a heaviness pulling down on my heart. I noticed I felt emotionally sad. I perceived the tangles of an ancestral condition of feelings of oppression, self-righteous indignation and many thoughts that justified those feelings.  I recognized this pattern in our politics, in myself, and in my ancestral lineage–my parents, and their parents who were immigrants who left their homelands due to Pogroms.
  1. CREATE–Create a context that can contain the energy. (This is key to transmutation). I realized that I am a psychically sensitive human being–impacted by the collective energy because I am part of the collective.  I am in the midst of the next level of psychic / spiritual opening.  I commit to doing my work in service of myself and the collective.  To do this work I asked my inner resources “What are the gifts of my ancestors . . . how do I embrace their gifts and blessings so I may bring that into the world–and bring healing to them, as well as me and our world at this time in history.”
  1. RELEASE–I release the negative through the breath as I become aware of it; and, release into the Creative. I do this by recognizing the gifts I receive from my ancestors– the gifts of being a healer, teacher, and artist dedicated to recognizing that we are all One, and One with all of Life–I release myself into ‘Listening’ to the ‘Call’ of Spirit and the Great Mystery of Life as part of my spiritual practice.
  1. EXPECT RESISTANCE–Now when the negative energy arises (in myself as judgments or in others)–I realize that I am transmuting it. I work with my experience of collective transition -death-rebirth by recognize this work is not only for my own transformation. I am transmuting the poisons of the past into healing medicine for now and future generations by– containing what I call positive and negative energies at the same time, instead of only polarizing into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ‘life or death’.
  1. T-R-U-S-T–I turn inward to discover the deeper truth within me. I relax and receive guidance. I use the tools I have–body felt-sense, heart, mind, perceptions and synchronicities to ‘LISTEN’ and guide me.  I ask for guidance and share what I learn.  I take a Stand . . . and I take action.


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