Paralysis, Bell’s Palsy and me – Rediscovering my Self again and again

The next few blogs I will be sharing a bit about the catalyst that offered me an opportunity to go deep within myself instead of writing blog entries. . . My continuing recovery from Bell’s Palsy – which brought me a temporary paralysis of the left side of my face that began about two months ago –

The timing of this event (just before my  “Know Your Trigger’s” Facebook chat originally scheduled in March) seemed more than coincidental. There are numerous ways we block ourselves (and feel blocked internally and externally) from expressing and being our Self. Unexpected events, illness, judgements (our own and other’s) all have a way of challenging us to go deeper into Self awareness and unwind the barriers – to liberate ourselves to be and embodied our true nature more and more under any (and ultimately all) circumstances.

My inner nature is awakened through Self-observation. . .and I am so grateful to discover that my Observing Self is present (at least this time) even in an emergency. . . like unexpected, sudden paralysis of my face.

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