Teachings from the Edge of Life, Death and Beyond

In the midst of all of this birth in my life—birth of my online course, birth of my FACEBOOK LIVE Chats, the start of a new season of Supervision, and interviews for the 2017 Embodied Awareness 13 month program, I received news of the imminent death of a dear friend and spiritual family member. This moved what I teach about death and rebirth to a very intimate and deep personal level. I am compelled to share with you some of my learning’s from the time I have spent with Marg, through excerpts from my journal and emails to friends:


“Interesting what brings us together”. . . Marg said these words to me when I first walked into her hospice room in Austin, Texas. Labor Day weekend I heard from friends that our friend Ann was with Marg, who had been transferred from hospital to hospice.  I felt moved to be with Marg.  Marg, Ann and I were part of a community of about 15 others who, in the early 1980s, all studied together with Angeles Arrien  one weekend a month for four years.  (As a side note, Angeles was called ‘Angie’ back then, and in the mid 80’s asked us to call her Angeles instead.)

for-sept-16-16-blogIt is all interesting—what brought us together 35 years ago, when our souls were seeded with insights from ‘Angie’, and fertilized in each other’s company over the years…To witness how we have all taken root…and how Spirit has flowered in our lives.  How we have added blessings not only to each other—but to so many others…as each of us continues to engage in the Great Work, each in our own way—and as Marg is now teaching us. . . in the end, it is truly all about love, acceptance and trust.

When Marg was hospitalized a few weeks ago, Ann flew in from Northern California to be with her.  Ann has been a steady presence every day from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Ann stayed until 10:30 pm to greet me the evening I arrived from the airport.  Ann mentioned that while she was in Hospital Marg said, “My inner spirituality has never let me down”.  Though Marg seemed to have forgotten saying that (when Ann mentioned it for my benefit), as soon as I looked into her eyes—in spite of her body being riddled with metastasized cancer, tumors visibly bulging beneath the surface of her skin—it was obvious.

None-the-less, Marg is in a state of acceptance instead of fear. Receptivity instead of resistance or trepidation. Peace and surrender to “what is”.

And when she connects with friends and family, Marg’s spirit flickers ‘all there’—lighting up the room with a magnificent toothless grin and the flame of love shining through her 80 year old eyes…

The first day I was with her, someone said to her, “You look uncomfortable” (as they were about to call for a nurse).

Marg simply said “So what. . .”

I chuckled. “That is a great attitude Marg!” I replied.  She looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and said “Thank you.”  A model of acceptance and surrender to “what is” without getting lost in it!  Be ‘in the world, not of it.’

. . . And other times, Marg asked for medication.  There was/is no one ‘right’ way.

On Labor Day, she had many, many visitors, of family and friends and she rallied to say hello to everyone.  The family shared stories.  There was no conflict.  No rivalry.  Lots of humor, generosity and love amidst some tears.

Ann also read to Marg many beautiful emails from so many friends from around the world that day.  Apparently, Marg was the US Representative at several International Semiconductor Policy Conferences.  She made many friends around the world, especially in Japan where the conferences were held. The people she worked with ‘across the pond’ on her trips to Asia deeply respected Marg and expressed so much love and gratitude for her for being their teacher, mentor and guide.

I know I am here learning one-last-lesson from my friend—a lesson in how to live with dying and die without fear.

As a side bar—during our studies with Angeles, ‘Angie’ shared many native Basque cultural teachings with us.  She also shared an ancient numerology method together with images from Tarot Cards to understand our soul’s destiny. Marg’s numerology added up to a 5. This correlated with Tarot Key V, and made Marg a Hierophant—“a teacher and consultant.”  On the surface Marg was a computer geek. However, she was also a poet, painter, philosopher and storyteller…A teacher and guide sharing sacred stories with anyone who asked questions or had ears to listen…clearly.  Marg lived a life that fulfilled her Hierophant soul’s destiny—Who could ask for more?

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