When Have You Felt Most Embodied?

When was it that you last felt your presence, flowing through you like a river, or embracing you gently like a baby lamb?

Embodiment is a fullness of being.  It holds and reflects so many facets: gentle, fierce, comforting, beautiful, simply present, fully alive.  Ultimately, it sums up the entirety of your lived experience, funneled into and through the present moment.

The energy you are is a constant flow, not an event.

{ Artist Unknown }

{ Artist Unknown }

In this present moment, the future unfolds.  While it never comes, it arrives constantly, without ever fulfilling itself.  It is that space where you are doing so much, you are doing it all, and by simply being, nothing is left undone.

By breathing into yourself, relaxing your body, opening your heart, and calming your mind, you find yourself.

Self Awareness is a slippery state – when you think you have it, it slips away; when you know you do not have it, it suddenly appears.

There is a state of grace found only through humility, in which one enters the sanctuary of Presence, and the outpouring of Empowerment.

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