Some of us are “Seers” Some of us are “Dreamers” and “Visionaries”. Others are “Mediums” or “Channels” and those who offer energetic healing or guidance. Whatever your natural spiritual gifts may be, you may like to join our circle of individuals engaged in personal development and spiritual growth. This Intuition Development Program will use tarot cards as a focal point for entry into your intuitive awareness. Each session includes time for learning, reflection and practice, a chance to explore and share your gifts, as well as practice to further develop skills with others.

  • Meets 4 Tuesday evenings 7:15 – 9:15 pm April 6, 13, 20 and 27
  • Fee: $ 299.60 CAD ($280 tuition fee +5% GST 2% Administrative Service Charge)
  • Includes 3-month unlimited access to the video library
  • Group rates: $160.50/per person for group of four ($150 /person + 5% GST +2% Administrative Service Charge) Sliding scale / work-study available for those impacted by Covid upon request


For group registrations, send contact information to

ON-DEMAND pay-per-view option is being developed (will be available maybe by September 2021)
**All tickets are non-refundable.


Dive into the deep wisdom and insight contained in the images of these cards and this system.

This course will change your understanding of the tarot and of the messages within this classical art. This course will train you to think symbolically as you practice learning how to read and interpret the symbols that make up this ancient pictographic book of wisdom. 

You will learn step-by-step methods to gain insight into your:

  • Soul’s Purpose, and your Path in Life;
  • This Year’s Gifts and Challenges;
  • How to Read the Minor Arcana by the Numbers;
  • Reading the Court Cards;
  • How to conduct a general reading using the Celtic Cross; and
  • How to answer specific question using the Soul’s Star Spread.

Though this course uses the Universal Waite Tarot or Albano Waite deck, insights into how to read the symbols on the cards will apply to any deck you choose.

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Join Dr. Beth Hedva, transpersonal psychologist, teacher and author as she provides an introductory experiential lecture on HANDS ON TAROT: An Introduction to the World of Symbols. This seminar provides a seven-hour video seminar through the lens of the Tarot as an ancient book of wisdom. The program will appeal to all those who have an interest in the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah, the Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and Intuition Development.

Former Board of Director and Chair for Continuing Education for the International Council of Psychologists, you will find Dr. Beth Hedva listed in Cambridge, England’s 12th Edition of The World’s Who’s Who of Women, and nominated for inclusion in the 1st edition of the Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine & Health Care. Dr. Beth Hedva offers new dimensions into inner healing as a counsellor, author, and teacher. Dr. Hedva conducts professional development training programs globally, and provides customized training sessions for individuals, couples and groups in person and via telephone world-wide.

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PROFESSIONAL CONTINUING EDUCATION (for MFTs, LCSWs, Clinical Counsellors and Educational Psychologists).   THE EMBODIED AWARENESS ONLINE COURSES offer an integrative body-mind-spirit approach to inner-directed healing. This program is sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences and delivered on-line by the World Continuing Education Alliance.

Beth Hedva, Ph.D. (RPsych #3212; RMFT # 69225; CA-BBS MFT#18470), maintains responsibility for this program and its contents. Beth Hedva, Ph.D. (RPsych #3212; RMFT # 69225; CA-BBS MFT#18470), is an approved provider of is an approved CEPA provider by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CEPA # 003933) and offers continuing education for Californian LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS  Courses are designed to train you in how to use injury or trauma as a catalyst to nourish Self-renewal and grass-roots community healing.  The theories and practices in these courses are based on Dr. Beth Hedva’s book Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, together with her evidence based trauma recovery protocol, which she was invited to present at the United Nations in New York, and was later published as a chapter in the text book Mass Trauma and Emotional Healing Around the World.

REQUIRED READING: Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness: A Guided to Emotional Healing and Self Renewal by Dr. Beth Hedva. (2013) Wynwrod Press, Bonners Ferry, ID. Available world-wide on Amazon

TUITION FEES:Each Embodied Awareness on-line course may be taken separately or together as a package of 10 modules to offer specific therapeutic methods to build Embodied Awareness by providing theoretical information and practices which support  body, brain, emotions and cognitive thoughts together with intuitive, ‘psychic’, and spiritual resources. Individual course modules sold separately at $32.27 US through the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) and are available  (scroll down for separate course titles and descriptions.You may purchase all ten courses as a package, for a discounted rate of $210.68 US (See ‘Course 11’ for package discount below)

CERTIFICATION: Certification is available after completing, and passing all TEN COURSE MODULES (Scroll to bottom of page for details). Graduates may be eligible for up to 33 CEUs continuing education credits. Scroll down for accreditation details.

Questions or complaints? Please review our on-line Education policies:FAQs and Terms & Conditions – Accommodation for Special Needs- Registration-Refund and Grievance Policy Or TEL: +1 (403) 247-1441; OR send email to


Cost: $32.27 USD

Purchase Course #1

WHAT IS EMBODIED AWARENESS [3 CE credits] Description and Objectives – Course 1

Cost: $32.27 USD

Purchase Course #2

EGO DEATH AND THE HUMAN STRESS RESPONSE [3 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 2
COURSE 3Cost: $32.27 USD

Purchase Course #3

YOUR TRANSCENDENT HEART-BRAIN AND ENERGY BODY [3 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course #3

COURSE 4Cost: $32.27 USD

Purchase Course #4

INNER RESOURCES FOR SELF RENEWAL [3 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 4
COURSE 5Cost: $32.27 USD Purchase Course #5

KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS [4 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 5

COURSE 6Cost: $32.27 USD Purchase Course #6 RECOGNIZE SPIRITUAL BY-PASS AND COME TO KNOW YOUR SHADOW [3 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 6
COURSE 7Cost: $32.27 USD Purchase Course #7

THE 13 GUARDIANS: DWELLERS ON THE THRESHOLD OF AWAKENING [3 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 7

COURSE 8Cost: $32.27 USDPurchase Course #8

THE 12 SENSES OF EMBODIED AWARENESS [5 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 8

COURSE  9Cost: $32.27 USD Purchase Course #9

T-R-U-S-T MEDITATION FOR EMBODIED AWARENESS: GUIDELINES FOR INNER WORK        [3 CE credits]Description and Objectives – Course 9

COURSE 10Cost: $32.27 USD Purchase Course #10



Cost $ 210.68 USD Purchase Course # 11 Certification Package

THERAPY COURSES 1 – 10 [33 CE credits]
Description and Objectives – Ten Course Certification Package
Questions or Complaints – Please Review FAQs and Our TERMS AND CONDITIONS Policies before contacting
Need Help Registering?
Or want information about receiving CE outside of Canada or California?
US +1 347 441 4036
UK +44 203 514 8678

For students with special needs, distance learning venues accommodate those with disabilities with assistive technologies to allow access to on-line courses. While we are not providers of assistive technology solutions, our customer service team has researched options and may provided recommendations consistent with those provided by university disability-services. When providing face to face programs in the United States we work with vendors who meet local, state and Federal standards, and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to make certain of accessibility for individuals with disabilities. If you have questions about accommodation please contact us at


To Contact Dr Beth Hedva:

email   TEL: +1(403)247-1441


Are You Interested in Certification?

 CITIS offers Level 1 Embodied Awareness Certification in an OnLine format. Training contains 10 on-line courses. Each course consists of three Sections and each Section has a multiple-choice quiz at the end of the lesson. Each quiz is designed to confirm your overall review of the material.
To gain full credit an exam a score of 75% is required to pass Level 1 Certification and progress to Level 2 Embodied Awareness Certified Facilitator Training.  
Introduction to Spiritually Directed Therapy®, an evidence-based integrative body-mind-spirit approach to inner-directed healing. Learn to facilitate a shift from injury, trauma or PTSD to resilience and PTG (post-traumatic growth) and Self-care. Course numbers 1-5 provide terminology, case-studies and applied theoretical foundations to support experiential online learning. Courses 6-10 offer practical exercises and examples needed to conceptualize, understand and apply the practice of Embodied Awareness personally and professionally.  By the end of these ten course you will be able to define and discuss Embodied Awareness, plus help yourself and others explore some basic practices.
TUITION: Certification Course (package of all 10 modules) $149.97 US.  Sold separately, each course is $22.97 US.
Level 1 is a prerequisite to level 2 training.

Level 2: Embodied Awareness

CITIS Level 2 Level 2 Embodied Awareness Certified Facilitator Training  is by invitation only and includes face-to-face experiential training and supervised practicum.

Send inquiry and proof of completion of all 10 courses with your letter of intent to  TEL: +1(403)247-1441

 Contact Dr Beth Hedva: email   TEL: +1(403)247-1441

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