Learn the Tarot Course

Dive into the deep wisdom and insight contained in the images of these cards and this system.

This course will change your understanding of the tarot and of the messages within this classical art. This course will train you to think symbolically as you practice learning how to read and interpret the symbols that make up this ancient pictographic book of wisdom. 

You will learn step-by-step methods to gain insight into your:

  • Soul’s Purpose, and your Path in Life;
  • This Year’s Gifts and Challenges;
  • How to read the Minor Arcana by the Numbers;
  • Reading the Court Cards;
  • How to conduct a general reading using the Celtic Cross; and
  • How to answer specific question using the Soul’s Star Spread.

Though this course uses the Universal Waite Tarot or Albano Waite deck, insights into how to read the symbols on the cards will apply to any deck you choose.

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