What is Empowerment?

How does it feel when it moves through you?

How do you know when you are in it, and how do you know when you have stepped out of it?

What are the sensations in your body, and how do you learn to embody this state on a daily basis?


In our final embodied awareness 5-day seminar, we discussed how intuition is integrated through action.  Acting on our guidance is also empowering.  It helps us discover the truth of inner awareness in those concrete real terms as it shows up in our daily lives.

Empowerment is the movement of your truest Self emerging into the present moment as a state of Presence.  Empowerment allows us to connect into inner awareness while interacting with others.

It is staying in this flow that continues to feed empowerment. Knowing deeply, embodying fully, allowing a greater awareness to flow through you, to fill you, nourish you.

From this state we are able to ask for what we want, be able to receive what we need, and be able to hear ‘no’ from someone  with the same ease as we hear ‘yes.’

Presence grows when there is room for all us to be our full empowered selves.  Being able to hear ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with equally enables you to stay present with yourself and others.  It helps you to actually stay in your power, while someone is asserting his or her own power.

When you feel empowered, you feel grounded, open, and relaxed.  You are comfortable with yourself and comfortable with others–just, as they are.

Presence is true power. Presence is the state that you go into when you are embodied. Empowerment hinges on the interplay of all these things.

2 thoughts on “What is Empowerment?

  1. I love this post Beth, Empowerment is the movement of your truest Self emerging into the now as a state of Presence and awareness. Empowerment allows me to be connected in all that I am while feeling the energy expressed by another Thank you!! Robin

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