Remain Receptive. Remain Aware.

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“There is no separation between God, you, the healing energy, and the one receiving the healing. Touch and be touched by the Source of healing within. Observe changes in yourself (in self healing). Or observe shifts in both you and the receiver, when working with someone else. Remain receptive. Remain Aware”. Radical Self Care by Dr. Beth Hedva

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For Stacey, #6 from Dr. Beth Hedva’s Guidelines for Conducting Energy Work with Yourself and Others really spoke to her:

“I do body work and thought it was very interesting that the dyads I have been doing have all been focused on what physical conditions are impacting us. I have been working consciously for the last few months on what’s happening to me moment by moment and developing greater awareness for myself as an embodied being. I am also reminded how passionate I am about helping others (if they so choose) to develop greater awareness for themselves, how that might open them in different ways. Also this quote reminded me of how sacred doing body work is; how honored I am to do this work on a daily basis; how honored I am people trust me to do this sacred work.”

Thank you Stacey.

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