Open Your Inner Ear

{Your Inner Voice} evolutionvt

{Your Inner Voice} evolutionvt

“Let your inner voice be a nourishing voice that feeds your soul; open your inner ear.” Radical Self Care by Dr. Beth Hedva


Gudrun shares: This speaks to where I have been for the last three weeks which is running way too hard. I just feel like I can’t get everything done. And I so appreciate the silence, the nourishing inner voice. I so appreciate when I get off the treadmill, kick myself off the treadmill and make space to listen within; it feels like food to me when I do it.

I just love that part of life. I look forward to those times when I can be in total silence, eating whatever is present, and whatever is there. Listening to what is spoken to me in that silent space. In fact, I am looking forward to it tonight! There is another silent presence, an energetic space with this group, I can feel it, I can taste it and I can almost not articulate it.

“We are on a remarkable journey of embodying more and more of our full human potential.”  Radical Self-Care by Dr. Beth Hedva

 Gudrun: It’s amazing how one small sentence can excite me so much!  For me it means that every day holds the possibility of discovery; of finding out what I am made of…literally and ethereally.  It is a great time to be alive for a spiritual Geek like me.  I can indulge my curious Child through my iPad and my inner Hermit in the quiet leisure hours of self-reflection.  Could life be any sweeter!

Thank you Gudrun.

{ Joy  by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law }

{Joy by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law}

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