What The Shadow Knows

“This is undoubtedly part of why I cried. Maybe even the most part. The painting depicts the feelings…crying for all in the world that are in sorrow and pain.”

This photo and statement was received in an email by someone of the February Embodied Awareness seminar.  It was an amazing reflection of an experience of ‘senseless fighting’ and ‘losing battles’ –a phrase that was shared by one of our other group members—and an experience that all of us could relate to in our own way.  The pain of the shadow!

Pain is universal. Sometimes one may become a conduit for universal pain—feeling overwhelmed by sorrow, anxiety, anger, worry, fear,  loss.. . .

And healing is also a universal experience.  Pain calls us to bring in healing. . . to become conduits for universal healing.  Shift the energy by not only exposing those areas which have been in the dark – but also by attending to unconscious needs, by caring for ourselves through addressing those forgotten and often painful experiences that seem to block our progress. Intuition helps us to ‘see in the dark’ beyond the shadows, into the unconscious drives and motives, and in this way awakens insight.

“Learn to See in the Dark: Make Friends with the Dwellers on the Threshold.  Blocks to intuition and barriers to Self-trust are metaphors. They are the Guardian presenting you with a riddle. These dwellers on the threshold of greater awareness challenge you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and materially in the form of perceived blocks or barriers:

1. Spiritual Blocks lead to mistrust of one’s vision and purpose

2. Emotional Blocks lead to reactivity and mistrust of one’s values, desires, needs

3. Mental Blocks lead to rationalization and judgmental attitudes

4. Material Blocks impinge on one’s sense of safety and impact how one acts. Actions may be ineffective or self-destructive and lead to health problems, relationship problems, financial problems and crisis in work or life vocation “ (Radical Self-Care, Beth Hedva)

What shadows are you aware of?

What is calling for healing within you?

How are you healing your blocks?

Remain Receptive. Remain Aware.

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{ Share Awakening }

“There is no separation between God, you, the healing energy, and the one receiving the healing. Touch and be touched by the Source of healing within. Observe changes in yourself (in self healing). Or observe shifts in both you and the receiver, when working with someone else. Remain receptive. Remain Aware”. Radical Self Care by Dr. Beth Hedva

Comments. . .

For Stacey, #6 from Dr. Beth Hedva’s Guidelines for Conducting Energy Work with Yourself and Others really spoke to her:

“I do body work and thought it was very interesting that the dyads I have been doing have all been focused on what physical conditions are impacting us. I have been working consciously for the last few months on what’s happening to me moment by moment and developing greater awareness for myself as an embodied being. I am also reminded how passionate I am about helping others (if they so choose) to develop greater awareness for themselves, how that might open them in different ways. Also this quote reminded me of how sacred doing body work is; how honored I am to do this work on a daily basis; how honored I am people trust me to do this sacred work.”

Thank you Stacey.