Breath and Body Move Together

{ Unknown Artist }

{ Unknown Artist }

“Notice how breath and body move together when you breathe. You may add different breathing practices to yoga postures, tai chi or martial arts movements or other activities, like walking and hiking or even doing dishes and other routine chores. Consciously adding movement to the breath turns this practice into a moving meditation. Movement combined with breath can enhance the circulation of healing energies throughout the body.  Radical Self Care by Dr. Beth Hedva

John reflects on how this seems obvious but how we don’t bring breath and body movement together typically as a focus.  John sees this as a practice to be more and more aware of combining breath and movement. John echoes a similar message to his stopping smoking clients; stopping to breathe, taking time out to breathe. Consciously adding movement to breath is a great and worthwhile goal to focus on throughout the day to become more present and aware of their union in a moving meditation.

Thank you for sharing John.

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