Projection, Perception and Possible Realities

After being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy I was  bombarded with questions about “Why” and “How could this have happened to YOU”.  . . So let’s explore projection, perception and possible realities. . .Notice what comes up for you from my previous posts. . .and what comes up for you when you see this pictrure (Yes those are accupuncture needles in my ear and cheek)…

Receiving Accupunture Treatment for my Bell’s Palsy

PROJECTION happens when we interpret reality through the filter of our own unexpressed thoughts and feelings—our fears, desires and unconscious reactions are projected onto another person or situation.

Here is one of my favorite projection / assumptions about ‘why’ I have Bell’s Palsy–Someone was honest enough to ask: ”Was it because you are sabotaging yourself?”  Answer: No. That is not my experience.

Worry seems to have been a favorite projection of several people in my sphere. . . Since I am not worried, it was easy to detect as a projection.  The process has taught me to translate “worry” into an expression of someone’s love (compassion) instead of implying “I should be worried” too.

I invite you to note your own projections, interpretations and assumptions.  Explore what they mean to you (about you). That is what projection is for. Projection helps us get to know ourselves—through the mirror of an ‘other’–if we are willing to look inside instead of only outside ourselves.

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PERCEPTION is the capacity to simply observe.  To see, hear and sense impressions, as they are.

The quick answer as to “why” based on simple observation. .extended dental work and compression on my cranial nerves inflamed the nerves and triggered the Bell’s Palsy

This is what I observed: 5 hours of dental work with mouth pryed open– starting with 3 hours, with a small mouth (so I am told), not enough lidocaine and adding more lidocaine after 1 hour of work; tensing muscles in anticipation while receiving treatment–and a 2 hour follow up before my nerves had a chance to fully recover from the first proceedure. . . All this  compressed and inflamed the cranial nerves. . .The second proceedure moved from inflamation to infection.

I researched my hunch based on my perception of a possible relationship between dental work and Bells Palsy

While this does not always happen for everyone, of course. .. this is what happened for me after my dental proceedure: Compression led to inflamation.  Inflamation turned into infection in less than 24 hours after the second session. Inflamation released a virus that lays dormant on the nerves for anyone who has ever had a cold sore. The virus appears to have  infected 3 of my cranial nerves –facial nerve 7 (that created the facial palsy); the vestibular nerve in the inner ear( created dizzy-ness); and the glossopherngyl nerve 9, (which created challenges with eating, speaking, swooshng after brushing my teeth and all kinds of interesting effects).  I will be seeing an ENT for assessment in late August to confirm this.

I am improving steadily in every area.  Though I still tire easily, I am enjoying letting my body’s energy lead my activity level.. . . AND it is truly awe inspiring to watch the body heal so gradually to its greater capacities. Our bodies are walking miracles creating homes for our limitless spirits.


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REALITY—now that one is a true mystery.

Years back, many people were bandying about the idea “You create reality” . . .how we ‘create’ reality is through the CONTEXT we create to hold the experiences of our lives.  See my earlier blog SEVEN SECRETS of Spiritual Integration and Liberation

The “C” in secret is “create a context” based on your perceptions reather than your projections. My context for what ever Life brings is curiosity, learning and liberation.  What is yours?

The challenge is to become conscious of your triggers—positive and negative—and to create a context for your own health, healing and wholeness—independent of life’s circumstances.

Please feel free to share if you were triggered. . .and what you have learned . . .I am curious. . .we have so many possible realities!


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