Many Worlds – Many Helpers

It has been said that we live in many worlds simultaneously, ranging from our dense, material world to more ethereal spiritual worlds.  We also have helpers in each of these world, according to traditions from all over the globe.  This blog describes a few of those helpers you may chose to call upon for assistance.

Upper World Guides:

Upperworld Guides remind us of our true spiritual nature. They may light the way to new heights of awareness that yield greater spiritual insight, faith, and renewal of life purpose.
Divine Guidance — Guidance may come from a Supreme Divinity. It may take on a voice or form that associates itself with any number of the unique characters or manifestations of the various Divine Forces that have been adopted as Gods and Goddesses.
Also, guidance may come in the form of the ‘lesser gods’ or Demi-gods from various traditions, legends, myths and lore from all spiritual traditions across all time and from all around the world.

            Information, healing, and direction may also be supplied by Angelic or ‘Winged’ Spirit Beings such as Arch  Angels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel, plus all the ‘Lesser’ Angels from all traditions throughout the world, Guardian Angels (as in the poem ‘When I lay me down to sleep, 14 Angels watch to keep. . .”)  and the Higher Self, the name given to our most evolved Self, the one within who links us with greater awareness.


Middle-World Guides

          Spirit Ancestors and Human Allies —  Guidance comes in the form of the Disincarnate Spirits of humans or ‘Ghosts’ who come to our aid. These may include relatives, friends and people we’ve known, now deceased and residing in their Spirit Form.  Also, some Middle World Spirit Guides may include visitations from allies who are yet living in this physical world.  They too may come to visit us in their spirit form.

Guidance may also arise from people we have not known, and can include someone who has lived

during another time (past, present or future).  Whether we recognize the person or not, the visitor is someone with whom our soul has (has had, or will have) a bond of affinity.

The Middle World Spirit Guide may take the form of a Teacher; Healer; or Champion, to help us grow in Wisdom, Love and Power.

Exception: some of our Middle World Guides and allies may actually reside in the upper or underworld.


Underworld Guides

Underworld Guides help us reconnect with the wisdom of our instincts, our innate being.  They can help us find our way through the deep dark places in our lives.
     Nature Spirits: Fairies, Elves, Elementals, Devas, (Hindu), Dakas and Dakinis (Buddhist), etc—all the various names given to the different types of underworld guides from all traditions throughout the world. In Western culture familiar forms include the Flower fairies, Tree Spirits, Water Sprites, Gnomes, Sylphs, etc.

Underworld guidance may come through the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, as when the Infinite One spoke to Moses through a burning bush.

Animal Totems or Animal Spirits: The spirit of any animal or family of animals may act as a guardian and spirit protector—particularly common in shamanistic cultures.

Exceptions: A small number of Upper-world and Middle-World Guides are able to cross between worlds. There are also high Divinities among the spirit guides of the Underworld.


Other World Guides

Today, there are also many reports of ‘off-world’ guides that identify themselves as coming from different planets, star-systems and even different dimensions. Their presence may guide us beyond our fear of the unknown.

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