The Countdown is On!

Tomorrow, August  31st is the day I launch my Facebook LIVE Chat.

My Goal remains the same – to offer Everyone, Everywhere a means of learning more about that which I call Embodied Awareness.  My hope is for you to learn, or learn more, about my approach to Embodied Awareness – about how Embodied Awareness is the practice of coming to know yourself – how it is about integrating the wisdom that is transmitted to you via your senses, emotions, thoughts and expanded intuitive perceptions to fully awaken to your spiritual nature and feel fully alive in your body.


Through Facebook LIVE Chat, I will also answer your questions directly, provide guidance, and share in the ways that you can continue to explore Embodied Awareness.

As a reminder, this Chat is Free of Charge and being held on August 31, 2016 at 12:00 noon in Calgary (where I live) which is 11AM Pacific and 2PM Eastern. 

Please join me, and take some time to reflect and renew your bond with your essential nature and spiritual Self with me and others in our global community.

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