Life is Change. That is the Mystery

I had a dream the other night… In my dream I was teaching about the Great Mysteries in a retreat setting, facilitating a workshop with all of my mentors, and we had a group of around 40 participants.  In the morning session of the first day, one fellow shared a dream he had.  In his dream, he kept changing into different animals—first he was a fish, then he became a lizard, then he became a bird, then he became a panther.

I asked him to act out each of these changes, noting his movements as he transitioned from one animal to the next—how he morphed from one form to the next.  And then I asked each person in the class to move and mirror these changes to him, to morph and change into each of the animals.

download (1)

This brought forward a teaching—a teaching of how life is change.  The key to the Great Mystery is about responding to change—that we change, and how we change, and what creates change.  We tend to respond to the mystery of change with “uncertainty” —an existential crisis that creates doubt, helplessness and fear.  Mystery itself is without fear; rather entering into the mystery inspires awe.

What would be different if we responded to uncertainties in our lives with a sense of great Mystery and Awe?

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