This Change that We Go Through

In my last blog I shared with you the dream I had about the Mystery of Change.  The mystery of change is also the mystery of evolution.  And, how we embody not only physical evolutionary change, but also the shifts and changes that awaken our consciousness.

We are spiritual beings housed in physical bodies.


Mystery teachings around the world suggest that in this process, spiritual experience moves from subtle energetic states of being into more and more dense forms of experience.  Spiritual energy is perceived through our intuition.  As the energy becomes more dense it takes the form of thoughts.  Thoughts are also reflections of emotional feelings, and the most dense form is physical experience and physical, material reality.  We are young in discovering how to be conscious in each of these worlds of experience.

Coming into physical form brings with it a focus on the material world.  In the process, we forget less subtle realities.  A forgetting of where we come from and who we are.  We experience this as a ‘separation’ from Spiritual realities.  The experience of separation from spirit brings with it emotional pain (in emotional worlds) along with a distortion in one’s thinking (in the mental world).  Life is not only about “forgetting”.  Life in physical form is about remembering.  Reflecting and remembering what this divine mission is – We are born to awaken to our true nature – to embody one’s essential spiritual nature while living in a human body.  We are evolving in to becoming humane beings, not just human animals living in a physical body.

I’m curious  –

  • How do you experience the mystery of change?
  • What are your reflections on our evolutionary process?
  • In what ways are you conscious of your physical reality as a reflection of your spiritual reality?
  • How are you experiencing your evolution of becoming a more humane being?

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