It’s summertime where I live.

In Calgary – the place I call my home – we have four seasons.  And, although, I am sometimes challenged by the extremes of this climate—like long dark winters and summer sunsets at 10:30 PM—the seasons as I experience them at 51 degrees northern latitude offers important learning. . . I appreciate that they remind me of how our lives are made up of seasons as well.  Spring, summer, autumn and winter are the continuous cycles of death and renewal that I experience here, in my small corner of Mother Earth.

8355132495_cf13e724e7_b four seasons in one photo

Each one of us has a different natural rhythm that distinguishes our personal growth cycles over the course of a year.  Each one of us, no matter where we live, experiences seasons, and has a time to dream, to plan, to produce, to play, to rest, and even to worry.

Do you know what Season you are in?

Are you able to recognize your personal growth cycle?

How does each of your Seasons make you feel, and make you act?

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