Days of Awe. . . High Holy-Days

The New Moon of September 13th began a month of Holy-Days in the ancient Jewish Tradition.

The 10 days after the New Moon are called “Days of Awe” which closes with Yom Kippur prayers and ceremonies.

Moon phases M nfru  images

This is a time of year to search one’s heart and soul, and become whole.  Self-reflection brings light into the dark areas of our awareness and if we reflect sincerely on our lives, we become aware of how we may have ‘fallen short’ in certain areas—missing the mark in our relationships with our friends, family, loved ones, and in our relationship with ourselves–our own aspirations.

This is a time that we can re-align with our essential true nature as spiritual beings.  One way we do that is through ceremonies of forgiveness.

Spirit of the Desert, Ruach Hamidbar has invited me to offer a Teshuva – Forgiveness Workshop in Scottsdale Arizona on September 20th. I have created a handout (attached handout) for this program that you may enjoy–whether you are able to come to the program or not . . . please enjoy my little article on Forgiveness, Redemption and how to make Apologies.

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