A View Toward the Future using the Ancient Ways

Kim, “You have all these species of plants and animals here… how do you know which combinations to put together for your medicines?”   

Penan Elder, “We know which plants to put together because the plants sing!”

Page 292 – Embodied Awareness, Dr. Beth Hedva

Using less developed nations as our mass factory sights and offshore industrial waste dumps is an old model – a new version of a feudalistic class system/imperialism and colonialism – that is being overlaid onto our emerging global society.  Somehow, many in our society have come to want all of the pretty things with none of the reminders of the costs, inconveniences and damage that go along with obtaining them. Let’s explore more creative ways of sharing resources, empowering all people, and discovering the gifts that each person and nation has to offer.  Let’s find our collective way, and move beyond old models.


 I am curious about your thoughts on how to do this?

  • Envision . . . What would our world look like if we offered greater respect to the ancient and indigenous wisdom and teachings?
  • Consider . . . What are the healing practices of the people whose land is recovering from a disaster?
  • Imagine . . . What our world would look like if we asked for more guidance from those of us who have been through something similar and have learned from the experience?

One model that I like comes from First Nations Elders and friends in Canada.  When entering someone else’s territory, it is important to ask for ‘permission’ to share stories, resources and ideas.  This level of respect for the ways of others, allows for a different kind of relationship; a relationship that does not assume that “my way is the right way”, but instead offers a respectful exchange of ideas and practices.

Only by fully being present and by coming to know ourselves, can we all become the instrument for local, national, international and yes, universal healing.

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