“Earth is home to all kinds of life forms, and we all have the right to be here.” Page 219 Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, Dr. Beth Hedva

In my last Blog I shared with you some thoughts and information on climate change and how it most impacts developing nations. I also introduced Environmental Justice and how each one of us can and does have an impact on our planet – both negative and positive.  I see that the Earth is now taking us by the hand and reminding us that we are all interconnected. If we injure the earth, we injure ourselves. If we injure nature, we injure ourselves. If we injure other nations, we injure ourselves.

Our lack of this awareness of interdependence reveals itself through mass disasters and is a wakeup call for our spirits to return to ourselves. We are reminded that our current ways of dependency on technology and mass industry is not a means of progress but has become a death threat to the land, air, water, fish, animals, our livelihoods, and our spirits.

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As we continue on this journey of Embodied Awareness I ask you to sense your way into your connection to all other life forms on our planet, and where you are right now. Envision, and know, that everything on this planet is a part of your family.  It is natural to feel closer to some members or parts of our family than others, and to feel kinship strongly in certain places and not others.  But ultimately we are all related.  We are able to look out for one another and to stand in solidarity, strength, resilience, patience, and love.

“When in union and harmony with Earth, we have a new relationship with all of life.”

Page 219 – Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, Dr. Beth Hedva

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