Please share one quote from the Energy Awareness chapter of Radical Self Care that stands out for you? What about it speaks to you?

“Many of us who are naturally intuitive may have been trained to stifle our  imagination – as though using imagination is cheating or makes something phony or ‘fake’.  Imagination links us with an inner source of creativity. Creativity allows us to generate not only fantasies or ideas; it allows us to create health, healing and wholeness. You are not ‘cheating’ if you use your imagination. In fact you are cheating yourself if you do not use imagery to engage your creativity and embody your intuitive gifts.”  Quote from Radical Self Care by Dr. Beth Hedva

~ I see lots of people, especially working in health care system, where it seems like here is the box… go get in the box. What do you mean you don’t fit in the box? Then where is the other box you might fit in?  There’s no box? Okay I don’t know what to do with you.

It is that expansive; that individual treatment of the person in front of you…or that you are connected to that may or may not fit into the box and we ourselves don’t fit into the boxes that we tend to create in the world. It really irks me, the idea of skills that we have and someone tells us not to use those skills, I think it’s so detrimental to people’s health; to their wholeness. If you have it… why not use it? If you have a very active imagination why should it not  be engaged? Why can’t it be a tool?

Thank you Lara.


Found art Calgary mailbox 14 ave SW{ Photo by Mardi Dauphinee

Found art Calgary mailbox 14 ave SW Artist Unknown
{ Photo by Mardi Dauphinee }

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