Beth Hedva’s December 21, 2012 to 2013: Seasonal Reflections

This year, solstice happened at 4:12 am Mountain Time. I woke up without an alarm at 3:30, and began my reveries and writings, (now posting after 8:00 am). . .I wish you a very happy solstice, fruitful meditations–a joyous holiday season and a Happy New year as we welcome 2013!

My seasonal celebrations began with re-enacting the miracles of ages past by lighting Hanukah candles for 8 nights. . . .followed by enjoying the many celebrations that happen through out this period of darkness. . . .including today’s honoring of Solstice.

My personal  solstice ritual was pretty simple: After lighting a candle that will burn for 24 hours I began to meditate on the many planetary and cosmic bodies making up a series of celestial alignments at this time, 12/21/12 

  • Solstice (end of Autumn and beginning of Winter, leading to Spring)
  • Mayan Long Count/Great Cycle (5126 years)
  • Astronomical Precession of the Equinoxes/Grand Cycle (5 Great Cycles) 25630 years –/ Astrological change of ages-once cycle around the zodiacal belt
  • Galactic Cycle (250 Million Years) – the time it takes the Solar System to make one complete orbit of the Milky Way Galaxy

(I have listed these at the end of this blog, in case you want more detail on the astronomical and astrological events that are happening today)

Every moving body that spins on an axis creates a torus shaped electromagnetic field–our Earth, or  Moon, and our Sun for example.  We also have an electromagnetic field around us in the shape of a torus due to the rhythmic beating of our own heart. {image is from}

heartmath coherence

[   for more on building your heart’s magnetic field go to   ]

In my meditation, I imagined myself joining in meditation with others all around the globe.  I envisioned myself as one of  many polarized electromagnetic bodies precessing into alignment.  (Precession is the term used in physics to describe how a rotating body will  change its orientation when it is impacted by the torque of another stronger electromagnetic field). . . .  I allowed the sensation of feeling myself being pulled into alignment with these greater cosmic forces to be the focus of my meditation . . .

It suddenly became clear to me how universal forces (like those that create the precession of the equinox from our perspective on earth)—are not only completely impersonal, the effect of these impersonal forces in nature  pervade the universe (and us, within one’s very small universe, called the psyche).  We too are being aligned by the same forces that pull on the tides of the ocean to give us low tide and high tide.  We too are aligned with greater universal forces.

I experienced a great relief in relaxing into these greater forces that create our experience of a change in seasons (and other cycles) here on Earth. It is always challenging to describe noetic experiences: I felt and sensed a quality best described as happiness spread over me, a kind of surrender to what is being born–a sense of union, unity, oneness–Happiness spreading as a force that follows and at the same time brings in the sense of ‘alignment’  in us and in our cosmos.    Solstice, and this solstice and holiday season, is indeed, a time to celebrate the end of 2012 and the launch of 2013–and beyond.

We are entering a period of realignment and renewal after a long  period of time that has revealed a multitude of insights into our human nature, and what it means to be human.  Adapting to the paradox of living as spiritual beings housed in instinctive animal bodies has evolved into describing ourselves through complex perenial philosophies, religions, science, psychology, politics and more. During our recent transition from darkness to the light of Self-awareness, we have been discovering a way to accept and care for ourselves and others in the wholeness of who we are as paradoxical creatures—both vulnerable and powerful; unconscious and conscious creatures.

The recent  focus has been to look into the shadow—to gaze into the darkness of our own fears—and to awaken to a greater truth within and beyond the hidden caverns and pitfalls of the personal and collective shadow—the dark side of human nature. . . .

We are emerging into the next cycle.  . .

From a seasonal perspective, n the norther hemisphere, we are moving from the end of Autumn into Winter.

On this first day of the new season. . .a cycle that happens every 365 days. . . here, in Calgary, Canada, the ground is covered with ice and snow, days are short, the trees are bare and the seeds of the last season are resting now beneath that frozen surface, awaiting Spring and a renewal of life.  We know Spring will come; and,  we also know that we are now heading into the thick of Winter.

We are also moving into yet other, less defined, more grand cycles–ones that happen every 5126 years (the Myan Long-count cycle), as well as the 25,630 Grand Cycle that is associated with the astronomical precession of the equinoxes. . . AND . . .all this is aligned with the black hole that is at the center of our galaxy, the  Milky Way.

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way is a symbol of great  mystery.   Great Mystery is one of the many terms that indigenous people here in Canada use to describe God.  Our Milky Way galaxy with a black hole at its center is also a grand symbol for the Great Mystery as expressed through the archetype of the Great Feminine Spirit giving birth.  AND. . . We  reflect this same mystery every time a baby is born.  We, too, are nourished by mother’s  milk after we emerge from the dark hole from within her center– we leave the womb where life is created, and emerge from her vagina.  The black hole and milky way are symbolic images and actual descriptions of birth.

Birth-Rebirth-and Renewal Are Creative Forces:  On Earth our experience of the creative takes many forms: fertility and sexuality, beauty and artistic expression, ingenious innovations and inspiration.

During the transition into birth it is important to stay present—to not reach too far into the future nor fall back into nostalgic reveries about what was, or obsess about what could have been or should have been.

Reflect for a moment on what you have given birth to in your life–what is new since the day you were born?  And what changes have you consciously made? Now it is time to awaken further, by confirming how you are already living from your own creative center.

Post partum care is what is called for. Ask yourself, what nourishes you?  How do you create safety and sanctuary for your emerging creative Self? Now is the time to  nourish yourself and others.

  • Continue with and begin to involve yourself further in those activities that comfort and sustain  you.
  • Celebrate the simple joys that are present every day.
  • Take the time to acknowledge the sacred in the present moment
  •  Express gratitude to those loves and relationships that nourish you
  • Take time to celebrate the beauty of your life

As for me, I am nourished by beauty–song, dance, poetry, art, the glory of the outdoors, the design of the ice on my window, changing flows and patterns of the river through the different seasons, the play of the squirrels and birds in our yard–Beauty in all its myriad forms.  I feel most at home in the sanctuary of solitude, in times of quiet reflection and meditation. I also revel in the joy of  movement, dance and music that brings all my senses alive,  the pleasure of being with my husband, the joy of spending time with loving companions.  I am in awe of the play of life with its many surprises–all this reminds me of a greater sense of flow that awakens me to the beauty of life.

While I was on a pilgrimage to  Egypt in October, 2004, I received a teaching on beauty during my meditations at the Temple of Isis.  I learned that:

Physically beauty is expressed as  proportion, harmony and balance

Emotionally beauty is expressed as kindness, compassion and love

Mentally beauty takes the form of imagination, originality, creativity

Spiritually beauty becomes grace, flow, inspiration, awe

Subtle transcendent etheric expressions of beauty are acceptance, spaciousness, permission and allowing

These are the qualities that bring me back to life.  I am reminded this season to give birth to and  embody the  beauty of life more and more.

What brings you back to life?  Share your thoughts and reflection on this blog.  How are you embodying your greater spiritual potential?

Continue to align with what is alive for you—to embrace Life and what brings you to life . . .make it a practice to nourish that sense of aliveness, confirm what helps, heals and brings wholeness over what hinders, injures or distracts from that sense of aliveness).

Next Steps: Collective Growth and the Birth of Humanity in Every Human Heart

Many individuals have engaged in this mystery of awakening and Self-transformation.   The age of Aquarius is symbolized by the gathering together of like-minded individuals into groups to create group consciousness.   When Aquarian impulses are  immature or expressed in unskilled ways, both individual and group ideals may become rigid and-or rebellious, iconoclastic, revolutionary and-or shockingly dangerous.   When mature, ideals are based on humanitarian principles that honor the unique gifts of the individuals which make up the group as individuals join together in creative, innovative associations to support universal, inspirational ideals and aspirations.

Though many individuals have begun to awaken, our institutions and group consciousness is still immature; and, our social systems, institutions, organizations and associations are struggling, crumbling and dissolving.

The symbol of a butterfly emerges now.  It wraps itself in a protective cocoon—and, in the darkness of its chrysalis state, the caterpillar digests itself by releasing enzymes that dissolve all of its tissue.  This  autoimmune response creates a gooey mess. From this ooze, the pupa begins to reform itself into a new creature. A lovely creature. An exquisitely beautiful creature. How. . .why. . . when. . . It is a mystery.

{Morpho Menelaus Butterfly photos by Beth Hedva}

{Morpho Menelaus Butterfly photos by Beth Hedva}

0 many butterflies

 {Photos by Beth Hedva}

Look for loveliness in the darkness of winter, as the light begins to emerge and days grow longer.   Look upon your social circles, groups and organizations with new eyes.  Beauty is revealing herself as we open our eyes.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  The adventure is just beginning.

As for December 21, 2012  Solstice–What All the Fuss Was About. . .

We are witnessing the completion and coincidence of a number of cycles as marked by celestial alignments: within our solar system and our galaxy between  the Earth    Venus    Sun   The Solar System     The Pleiades     The Milky Way Galaxy

All this was noted by ancient astronomers (including the Mayan’s) as the designated time that marks the beginning of a new cycle and the end of the previous cycle.

An alignment between our Earth and Venus, the Sun and our solar system with the Pleiades and the center of the Milky Way is an outer event and also a metaphor for an inner experience.  Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and desire is a symbol for these same attributes.  The Sun (and photosynthesis) fuels life on our planet–so the sun is a symbol of  life.  The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters is a metaphor for invisible helpers in our Universe who shine their light upon us; and the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy symbolizes the archetypal feminine, the Great Mystery that gives birth, and rebirth to life.

Symbolically we are being invited to align with, and ground (Earth), the source of love and life , sustained by invisible universal sources of support, as it is being born in our world– we align (and realign) by joining together to create, co-create and recreate our lives now, every day, and into the future.

Periods ending simultaneously on 12/21/12 

  • Solstice (end of Autumn and beginning of Winter, leading to Spring)
  • Mayan Long Count/Great Cycle (5126 years)
  • Astronomical Precession of the Equinoxes/Grand Cycle (5 Great Cycles) 25630 years –/ Astrological change of ages
  • Galactic Cycle (250 Million Years) – the amount of time it takes the Solar System to make one complete orbit of the Milky Way Galaxy

Solstice is the result of the intersection of the apparent path of the sun (from our perspective on Earth) crosses the equator.  Winter solstice is that point when the sun is closest to the earth, and we experience the shift from maximum darkness in the Northern Hemisphere (long winter days) to increasing light.  As a metaphor, I have found it valuable to mediate on what the darkness has revealed during the last cycle (since the Fall equinox) and to enter into prayer, to embrace what may be emerging as ‘seeds of light’ for the next cycle—for me personally and for the collective.

0 Delphi University eccliptic

image 1 is from Delphi University}

{ image 2 is from the Old Farmer’s Almanac}

0 farmers almanac

This /winter solstice is especially auspicious because of the many planetary alignments and cosmic events that are coinciding with 12/21/12.

For more details visit DelphiUniversity’s site :

A Few Resources:

  • The Milky Way Enigma -How Galactic Forces May Control Life on Earth, July 19, 2007
  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac
  • Delphi University


Please share your reflections and meditations from today and throughout the year of what is being born in your life. What is born in you is a reflection of the collective. What is happening in the collective is a reflection of your own nature.  When you hear of trauma in the collective (or in your own life) remember how you have responded to darkness and found your way through. . . In the birthing process, we continue to experience contractions until labor and delivery are complete.  And even after delivery, post-partum care is essential.  Become a beacon of radical self-care.

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