What called you to become part of Embodied Awareness?

I had two intentions on Vision Quest this past May; the first was clarity and direction in my purpose.

While on the fast I kept feeling a deep sense of clarity. What does that feel like? I struggle to attach language to it….It felt like cool water running down my throat (where there was none), it felt like a gentle deer drinking from a suddenly quiet pond where seconds before all i could hear was an orchestra of frogs & crickets. It felt like a clear message of “Just trust dear…”.

Upon return and gentle re-emergence into the everyday, the very first email I opened was from a dear friend with a link to Dr. Beth Hedva’s newsletter and offering of Embodied Awareness!

I read it over and over……and over again.

I applied.

Eeeeeee! I was invited for an interview!

After that first meeting with Dr. Beth Hedva; sharing space, asking questions and being guided through a beautiful visualization I could sense everything was falling into place.

It is the place I need to be right now.

So full of gratitude.

~Mardi Dauphinee


{ Photo We'Moon 2011 }

{ Photo We’Moon 2011 }

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