What called you to become part of Embodied Awareness?

I came to be in the Embodied Awareness class after much searching for a complimentary piece to my coaching certification.  While I loved the idea of solution-focused coaching, and the way that asking powerful questions opens people to possibilities, I wanted to be able to help people understand how their body will help them discern the right path.  While coaching is traditionally an outward and future-focused activity, I want to provide tools that add deeper reflection and resonance to the process.  I love the idea of giving individuals and groups a space to explore their possibilities from a position of unfolding curiosity and make it okay to not have to jump immediately to action steps.  I’m hoping to provide space and guidance that will then bring people into dialogue with the Universal voice that guides us.

With several weekends under our belts, and a good portion of the reading done, I find myself enjoying the work more and more.  It has opened my mind and body in a way that I was not really expecting and has helped me embrace my emotions and see them for the guiding lights that they provide. 

While I really did not have an intention of bringing this work to my “day job”, I can now see at least one thing that I am hoping to apply to regular team meetings in the new year.  I am curious to see what happens when I try to put a square meeting in a round container.   For the time being, I am happy sitting with what I am discovering and anticipating what is yet to come.


{ Photo: Gudrun Zendoodle }

{ Artist: Gudrun }
“One’s health and happiness does not depend upon others becoming aware and changing” Quote from Dr. Beth Hedva Embodied Awareness

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