Sharing Sacred Spaces ~ continued

{photo: Lara Osis}

In front of these candles and my little Buddha is a place of sanctuary for me. I created this sacred space at a time of chaos and confusion in my life – with the resolute determination to have this one space be clear and calm and reserved for quiet inner practice. Though I forget it too easily, I am reminded when I am drawn to light these candles and sit still with this light and silence, to breathe (the most basic human activity) and to meditate (a more refined human activity).

Though I talk a lot, I also listen; and to listen with awareness and an open heart has always brought me closer to God, to myself and to others. Being in silence is a way to clear what I may have inadvertently picked up, process what I have stirred up within me and remind myself to offer to others what I have received through my heart.

To me, to feel the presence of that which is sacred is to feel blessed and alive.

{photo: Lara Osis}

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