What Is Embodied Awareness?

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Embodied Awareness is about connection. It is much more than just being connected to and in touch with your own body’s sensations and feelings. Being ’embodied’ comes from being connected to your Self (with a capital “S”, i.e. your inner divinity and resilient spirit), your physical body, your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and energy…while also engaging in connecting to others, your environment, our world … and more. It is a state of being, feeling present and alive.

5 Steps to Deal with & Recover from Trauma Energetically, Mentally, Emotionally Spiritually & Physically

Connect Within and With Others. Use breath work, energy work and culturally meaningful spiritual practices together with accessing community and social support

Assess, evaluate, and become mindful of stress reactions–Acknowledge and normalize traumatic reactions if present: shock, crisis, grief or mourning, and resilience to support mental health and healing

Deep listening with your whole body, heart, and soul. Appreciate emotional needs, fears, experiences and stories by giving them a voice. Listen empathically – telepathically to your own and others feelings for emotional health and healing.

Engage intuition and creativity using all 12 senses of Embodied Awareness. Gain meaningful insights, and create value or meaning and or personal healing by expanding your capacity for inner guidance, Self-renewal and spiritual maturity

Empower “doing what helps over what hurts your healing”. Create customized self-care plans and take action. ‘Lead by example’ to extend emotional healing and spiritual maturity into grass-roots healing and community renewal and environmental healing

Ultimately, ’embodied awareness’ is a practice that helps you

  • Reduce stress and relax
  • Improve relationships
  • Evolve your brain
  • Steady your heart
  • Engage and expand your intuition
  • Embody your spirit


We are mediators between worlds–between physical and subtle spiritual realities using 12 Senses. According to ancient Egyptian traditions, we use our five senses along with seven more subtle senses to helps us awaken Self awareness, in order to wisely respond to both inner and outer experiences. Those senses are:

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Touch
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
  6. Feeling the transmission of energy perceived as a clairsentient ‘gut feeling’ or ‘felt-sense’
  7. Transmission of emotions, perceived as a telepathic, empathic feeling in your heart,  implies our ability to both send and receive emotional impressions
  8. Transmissions of ideas perceived as awareness of another’s intentions, a silent inner voice, word or thought; clairaudience
  9. Inner seeing and vision, which includes clairvoyant pictures or images, memories, dreams and symbolic impressions
  10. Spiritual discernment and direct knowing – allowing us to perceive a sense of karmic causes and effects that guide a deeper sense of what is ‘right’ based on an inner sense of direction that leads to liberation (as opposed to a ‘moral judgment’ of right-vs-wrong)
  11. Intuitive perception of patterns that extend beyond time and space awarding us with everything from creativity and innovative-creative problem solving, to premonitions, de-ja-vu and precognition, to predictions or prophecy
  12. Realization, (also known as satori, nirvana, enlightenment, Self-realization, or self-actualization).  Realization is a refined spiritual sense that awakens you to the realization of what you are here for, and who you truly are as a spiritual being occupying a human body–in other words–Embodied Awareness.

We are energetic beings. We process information about the physical world in the form of sound, light, heat, vibration, texture, movement and other sensory signals that are provided by our physical senses. We also receive input from in the form of subtle inner signals, including emotions, thoughts, felt-senses, and other intuitive perceptions. The synergy of the two – outer physical and inner subtle spiritual signals – help us to become more insightful, to support both emotional healing and spiritual Self-renewal.

In this EMBODIED AWARENESS BLOG. . .we will be exploring the intersection of these experiences along with research, personal reflections from me, you, and others invited to share wisdom and teachings on embodied awareness from around the world.

I invite you to share your reflections, insights and experiences in this blog.  Experience is our teacher, and by sharing we all grow and learn together. click on a topic of interest from the Blog Menu and share your thoughts!

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