RECOVERY or DISCOVERY: Embody Awareness in 2020

I think ‘recovery’ may be a misnomer. It objectifies who and what we are in essence. Discovery is more what is required of us….to take off (dis-cover) what conceals the essence of who and what we are in our core—in spirit—To learn to wrap that ENERGY in nothing more than awareness—and then to embody who we are.

The etymology of cover is Old French stemming from the word covert, which translates as hidden.

Our inner core-our essential nature and spiritual Source has been hidden, covered over with all kinds of physical conditions and social-conditioning

Photo Credit: Alex Grey, 1985. Oil on Linen. Each Panel 12 X 12 inches. The above image was published on to display a sample of the artwork in: Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey. Published by Inner Traditions. No copyright infringement intended. For more images of Alex Grey’s exquisite visionary art go to

In essence, we are all pure energy taking a multitude of forms. Heat and temperature, sound, light, bio-protons, molecular vibrations… transmitting and emanating fields of force that create and re-create our experience of LIFE…

It seems, instead of honouring our intangible inner essence, we often relate to the eternal energy within us as though it is an object.

So… I question the idea of ‘recovery’ from trauma, pain and suffering which (yes) just comes with living in a body while interacting with each other.

Seek to discover what is beneath, and at the core of this beautiful animal body that houses us with so many layers of reactive nerves that stimulate glands and bodily functions–releasing hormones and other signals—all wired to our over-active territorial reptilian instinctive brain, triggering our emotionally reactive old mammalian limbic brain–despite logic and abstract understanding provided by the more evolved, thoughtful new mammalian brain (which is capable of integrating all those signals using the right and left hemispheres of the cortex).

Photo Credit: Meditation on Inquiry licensed for reuse (pixabay)

Even though there may be more promotion these days to re-cover, to merely up-date yourself —like recovering a piece of furniture—now with a more acceptable cover – more social-media savvy, more Madison avenue ‘beautiful’, a better brand to represent the ego-self, with a new style of relating to ourselves and others as objects, while continuing to cover over the extraordinary spirit at the core of being.

Are we simply to re-cover what has been hidden with a new ego- a new persona?  Are we making an object of our inner Self–as we relate to ourselves and others at the surface level only?

At best, maybe we aim to re-cover the eternal spirit with a ‘higher’ Self, expressed through an ego that is in greater harmony with that which was (and remains) covered over.

What has been hidden beneath innate body-reactions, beneath social conditioning, beneath learned spiritual practices, the rituals we worship and other conditioned responses?

Be Bold

DIS-COVER rather than re-coverAsk questions rather than provide answers. Explore, and keep being curious. Then explore some more. The Source of energy at our core is infinite and eternal. Define yourself, for and from within yourself.


How do you discover the essence of who you are as a Spiritual Being? 

What helps you embody and express Eternal-Essence while living in your human form

This is the time to Dis-cover who and what you (and we) are, in essence–discovering the deeper truth of our essential unity with every ‘thing’ that exists- animate and inanimate, tangible and intangible—all emitting Creative (and destructive) forces-all working in concert with an even greater Mystery.

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