From Vulnerability To Trust

How do we move from vulnerability to trust?  What motivates us to leave that safe, secret cave of solitude and going solo, in exchange for risking reaching out and letting someone in?

Well, to put it bluntly, even if we tell no one, we are still vulnerable.

We are vulnerable within ourselves.  It is our very nature to be vulnerable as well as strong.  Allowing one’s greater Self to tend and befriend one’s ordinary self, along with all the inner fears, feelings, questions, triumphs, and concerns is no easy place to be for our ordinary ego-self.

Before you branch out to connect with anyone, if you are feeling vulnerable, it helps to connect with your inner Self.  Greater Self awareness is our personal touch point.  From there we can connect with and hold ourselves and others in our vulnerability.  And, we find exchange movement, clarity, and trust in one another.

two hearts-671976_640

Whether we are reaching inwards to Self, or whether we are reaching outwards to the Self in the Other – vulnerability is required for authentic connection.  When we can be present with vulnerability (our own and others) then vulnerability opens up into intimacy and healing.  Without vulnerability, intimacy is not possible.  Without vulnerability, there is an incomplete connection, and trust is limited.

Vulnerability paves the way to trust.  All we have to do is allow it.


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