Finding Your Sacred Space

I recently spent a weekend in Las Vegas at a conference.

This was an environment filled with mainly North Americans and a small international crowd from as far away as Australia, Israel and Europe.  The conference was stimulating and fast paced with an overflowing feeling of generosity, as conference presenters and participants shared ideas and advice with each other.

Within all of this, I was able–and needed–to find my sacred space.


Sometimes I would leave the building and sit quietly on a bench outside, allowing the sound of the nearby fountain and a few birds to simply wash over and move around me.  Other times I would sit in silence within the conference centre, and was able to breathe into my personal space, welcoming light, and calm from my own Source.

When I am driving from one place to another, my car becomes my sacred space.  It is the world where I transition from where I have been to where I am going.  This is the same for the street or path that I walk along from one area and experience to the next.  Grounding breaths and checking in to my sense of Self, and inviting subtle shifts and adjustments where needed–if needed–makes an affirming difference in my day.

It is wonderful and important to have a sacred space in your home, in your place of worship or wherever it is you go with friends, family and your community to pray, chant or just ‘be’.  Nevertheless, we have it in us to make our space sacred wherever we are and in whatever it is that we are doing.

How do You create Your own Sacred Space?

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