And the Embodied Awareness Community Grows…

The last of the three 5 day retreats of the 2015 Embodied Awareness Training Certification program wrapped up on Sunday.

I am still bathing in the afterglow of this experience.

EA Class 2015 - light

Thinking back on the initial day of our first retreat in February, to last Sunday October 4, I feel awe and wonderment.

What a gift this experience has been – for so many reasons…

I was able to spend time and grow into greater synergy with my colleagues Dr. Patrick Tribble  and 1st Nations facilitator Kim Haxton.  I learn something new and wonderful each time we are together.

I was able to (and continue to each day) witness the growth and expansion of my mentees Meaghan, Deren and Mardi – who began this journey as students, and who have grown into mentors, coaches and Embodied Awareness educators themselves.

And, I am in wonder of the reality that has come from a dream that I dreamt many years ago… of the bringing together of a group of 12 unique and diverse individuals who have three vital things in common… a desire to grow into greater Embodied Awareness; the capacity to nurture it; and the ability to share new awareness by being more authentically themselves.

Through Embodied Awareness training, mentors and faciliteachers, our Global Community is growing and evolving in mysterious and wonderful ways; thank you for being a part of this…

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