Traveling vs. Vacationing… Friction vs. Flow…

Last week, in the Comments section of my Blog, Robin (whom you can meet on his website) made a comment about ‘travel’ vs. vacations which has been with me since.  Robin said:

“Traveling vs Vacationing is a way for me to reconnect and reset my perception and awareness of what’s important in life so that I can incorporate it more into my daily “routine.” Reconnecting to the beauty of life, even when challenges are present helps me remember how much we are the same, the same hopes, fears, emotions and the goodness that is us.”

When I travel I remember even more acutely that Life is a journey full of mysteries and surprises.  Somehow, being ‘on the road’ takes me into innocence and receptivity.  Everything is new…my senses open to new sights, sounds, customs and cultures.  My mind opens too.

BH and Bull

I am in India now, by the Ganges River in Rishikesh.  Just getting from Delhi airport to Rishikesh was a journey.  What looked like a 3-4 hour car ride took 9 hours–our unexpected flat tire not-with-standing, plus a nice dinner break–most of the delay was due to traffic!

Driving in India is fluid….our Driver was some kind of Super-conscious traffic yogi who made streaming in and out of lanes look easy.

Logger jams of traffic bottleneck, then release amidst swerving motorbikes neck and neck with buses, Tuk-Tuks (3-wheeled vehicles), bicyclists and pedestrians, cows and dogs.  There is a flow to it all.  A distinctly non-Western sense of rhythm and order that opens space for paradox.  A coexistence among complementary elements, that don’t seem to compete with each other for dominance, but rather maintain close proximity to each other with a strong and unique sense of relationship, as cars and vehicles move in and out of lanes, passing each other, yielding to each other, honking a warning that someone is changing lanes, or driving down the middle between lanes till someone shifts, and space opens…  It all seems to work.

I have not seen any accidents, and our driver was completely at ease, as he slid in and out of tiny spaces and openings between other moving vehicles which allowed him entry, and vice versa.

I think we have something to learn here.  I wonder, what would it take to convert road rage to ease and flow?

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