Your Personal Transformation Makes You an Agent of Social Transformation. Page 175 Betrayal Trust and Forgiveness (Beth Hedva)

As I ease back into the rhythm of sharing blogs with you, I feel the need to loop back around and offer a gentle reminder of what the true goal of Embodied Awareness is, and how we seek to achieve this in a universal way.

Embodied Awareness is much more than just being in touch with our own body’s sensations and feelings.  Embodiment is about Connection. Connection to oneself  and Connection to a greater Awareness that speaks to us through our senses—sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and even more subtle senses like a gut feeling, empathy, one’s inner voice, inner vision, a sense of knowing and a greater sense of direction or purpose.

In this way, our senses connect each of us, not only to one’s Self (bringing in Self-realization), but also to each other, to our environment, and to our eco-sphere.

In the case of climate change, we are being offered messages from Mother Earth, calling to us to awaken and embody change. Some of us are listening and embodying this awareness and some of us are struggling to accept this.  Far too many of us remain in a state of denial, with negative consequences for ourselves and for those around us.


As the earth quake in Nepal leaves our day to day thoughts; as the “Breaking News” moves on to more current stories; I ask that you remember those who remain in a state of uncertainty and anguish. If you are moved to donate to those in distress from the two earthquakes in Nepal, and want your gift to have more impact, consider a regular small donation over the long haul, ($5 or $10 quarterly) sent to a local on-the-ground organization. I shared my recommendations in my first post, but feel it is important to put this to you again:

  • FSCN (Local Nepalese NGO working with disaster recovery for 20 years)
  • Plan International (Helping orphans, children, families and communities with grass-roots, sustainable community education and social enterprise projects since 1978)
  • MSF \Doctors Without Borders (Medical and public health support)

Regardless of whether you chose to make a donation and/or what agency you chose to give through, I ask that you consider the “bigger picture” and not just give to assuage the shock and helplessness that we all feel in this kind of situation, but  consider giving towards the rebuilding of the communities and in turn all humanity.

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