Sensing the Seasons, Sensing the Change

Last week we had summer weather (28 C. / 85 F)—our August weather. . . .This week it is rainy and overcast, like June weather.  Here in Calgary, where I live, the season of Spring has come unexpectedly early.

The neighbourhood rabbits who have brownish fur for a few months in the summer and fall, and white fur the rest of the year, are having to catch up to their current surroundings (brown and dry foliage as opposed to ground and bushes covered with white snow) by molting before their body is telling them it is time. And birds, as they have been called from their winter location early, are trying to nest in trees that have not managed to produce a full coverage of leaves.

This week I am happy for the Earth as it enjoys the moisture.  I know that nature functions better at this time of year with cooler temperatures and precipitation. And even though I love the warm sunny, cloudless days, I know that the soil, the rivers, the animals, the vegetation are all desperate for rain.

There have also been earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, plus floods in Texas and a wildfire in Canada (which usually arrive in late summer). So, what is Mother Earth telling us?

I keep coming back to legendary Atlantis, and Lemuria, and Mu before them.  According to my Aboriginal friends (and other ancient traditions), we are entering into the 5th cycle of humans on planet Earth.

Altantis and MU

Like Atlantis, and Lemuria, and Mu we too are living in legendary times. . . . So much to say about that . . . and I will be writing more about it in my next blog.

In the mean time, I am wondering what you know about Atlantis?


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