I am continuing to prepare my  Introduction to Embodied Awareness online course . . . Last week I shared with you my fascination with smell.  It only makes sense then that I am enthralled with Taste as well.  I thought you might enjoy a snippet from the up-coming course . . .

“Does a particular experience leave a “bitter taste in your mouth” or was the experience especially “sweet”?

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and savory all have their place in nourishing the body—and the soul.  Taste, like all the senses, moves from the most physical or dense to the most subtle and sublime, until it becomes a metaphor for our spiritual nature and soul-experiences.

Did you know the second chakra correlates with the sense of taste?  Smell and taste are both associated with nourishment in Hindu Tantric traditions.  Most gourmets will confirm how taste can transport you to other worlds and induce states of joy, bliss and satisfaction.  These delicious experiences correlate with the second chakra’s focus is on distinguishing creativity and pleasurable encounters from guilt, worry, emotional reactivity, manipulation and other negative events.

At the most subtle level, taste poses the question:

  • How do you find nourishment in the bitter, sweet, salty and sour experiences of life?
  • How are you taking time to savor the pleasures that life offers?”

{ Chakra Light Body }


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