Our Energy Body… What we See and Feel…

My Associate Dr. Patrick Tribble is one of our Embodied Awareness Faculty.  Among his many talents and gifts, Patrick has a deep understanding of subtle reality.  Usually when we talk about “seeing” we mean physically looking at concrete reality with the organ of our eyes; however, the physical is just the most dense expression of reality.  There are also more subtle levels—emotional, intellectual and spiritual realities.  Patrick happens to be able to see each of these subtle bodies by looking into the physical and beyond it.

If you are not naturally clairvoyant, there are ways of opening your seeing. I learned a trick from Dr. Matthew Prest, a chiropractor who also happens to be clairvoyant, and can ‘see’ into the body.  To help train yourself in seeing Matthew suggested, “If you look at the body, and imagine that there is a color around it . . . what color is it?” Then Matthew would ask, “What does that color feel like to you?”

Patrick is also a chiropractor with a specialization in neurology, biomechanics and functional medicine.  He teaches us how the physical body is one of our greatest metaphors for understanding who and what we are, as both physical energetic and spiritual beings.

In our last Embodied Awareness program, Patrick shared images from his friend Alex Grey—an amazing New York artist who has the ability to draw subtle realities and make them ‘real’ for the rest of us, whose vision is not quite so open.  This one example from Alex Grey’s website had the greatest effect on me.

Alex_Grey-Spiritual_Energy1After that particular class, I found myself visualizing this image by Alex Gray.

I feel my energy body in a completely new way.  I experience expansion when I look at this image.  I feel my head open up when I look at his work, and my body begins to tingle with a new sense of aliveness.

I invite you to check out Alex Grey’s website.


When You look what do you See?  How does it affect you?

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