Summer Solstice June 21 2013

Our back yard at 7:00 pm Jun 20th, Thursday—Today the water has moved to the street, engulfing the homes on our street.

Our back yard at
7:00 pm Jun 20th, Thursday—The following day the water had moved to the street, engulfing the homes on our street.


What an amazing Solstice this was for us.  For me, Solstice is usually a time of prayers, gratitude and visioning the future—Even more-this season—with Mother Nature reminding us, here in Alberta, of our essential dependency upon each other and upon nature as we faced massive evacuations and floods!


June 21st., Friday. Photo from the ridge near where we stayed while evacuated. (Our home is on the far side of the river on the other side of the new pond).

Because my husband Harold, and I live on the Bow river, in Calgary, AND.  . .because we suddenly found ourselves  living in a disaster zone . . .  we were evacuated Thursday June 20 around 7:00 pm—along with about 100,000 other Calgarians who live in areas that were being impacted by the  floods.

I have so much gratitude for our city!. . . The City of Calgary first responders went door to door speaking with residents, taking names of occupants, and offering help to all who might have needed it. Phenomenal team work from the whole city—police, firemen, hospitals and crisis centers, a host of volunteers, –and cooperation from local residents effected by the deluge.

I am also in awe of our community, far and wide– we have been receiving an out pouring of texts and emails from friends, family, colleagues, students and trainees, and more. . .all offering assistance,  a place to stay, help cleaning up when we get back into our home—you name it—help is there!

And of course, we are thankful for being ‘high and dry’ and well, enjoying the company and hospitality of friends in Dalhousie–owners of the English B&B—who were hosting now stranded guests visiting Calgary for a conference; along with putting us up in their spare room—full house there!

Today, I especially am thinking of my many friends, world-wide, who have suffered mass disasters, and I feel the solidarity of your love, courage and patience—qualities I have learned from you when I had the opportunity to enter crisis areas in Java, and Aceh in Indonesia, Haiti, Israel,  Japan, Sierra Leone, California, Mexico, the UK,  and beyond.

How lucky we are!  We are comfortable, with our computers (and a few other items we were able to take with us when we were evacuated.) in the company of loving friends.

Now we enter into the time of the Great Mystery. . .awaiting the discovery of what lies ahead for all of us, and our Province.

Thank you again, for your prayers, and know that I am reading texts and emails, though I may not have time to answer right now.

With Appreciation,
Dr. Beth Hedva




PS.  Re: Rebuilding after Southern Alberta Floods

Just a note to let you know that, after being evacuated from our homes due to the torrential flooding in Southern Alberta, my husband, Harold, and I have suffered minimal damage, and are ‘back to normal’.  Many of our immediate neighbors on our street and especially people and businesses in SMALLER COMMUNITIES did not fare as well and have less ‘man power’ to rebuild.  Now comes the time of rebuilding, and extending help to each other over the long haul. . .


Take a look at this. . . Global news clip

The Siksika, Morley and Stoney Nakoda reserves have issued an urgent need for volunteers and drivers, to help unload and sort donations. They also need dollies, carts and a forklift as well as food, water and cleaning supplies.

Contact Yvonne Cita at 403-836-3166

Also calling for VOLUNTEER SUPPORT from the Administration of the town of High River. Please pass it along if you can help or know people who can . . .They need. . .

• Engineers (roads, water, sewer, etc)
• Municipal Planners & development officers Building code
• Inspectors/approvers
• Economic development officers
• Data entry clerks
• Community phone call centers
• Insurance claims coordinators
• Para-legal or folks very familiar with legal documents
• Some type of rental housing for Town employees and folks who cannot return to their homes for several months

Can you send this viral to your contacts and ask if anyone fits any of these jobs and is willing to help?

Please contact:, or

Many thanks. Together we will get them back on their feet.

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