Spring Equinox

{ Sequinox }

{ Sequinox }

Even though in Calgary, Canada, the snow has been flying (in spite of longer days, because we moved our clocks forward a week ago). . .on March 20th, dark and light are in equal proportion.  And in the Northern Hemisphere, it means that Spring is finally here. . . .

 This is a time of new beginnings. Throughout the ancient and indigenous world the Vernal Equinox is a sacred day of celebration and ceremony or ritual. The ancient European Fertility Goddesses’, like Eostre and Ostara (who gave their names to the Christian “Easter” holiday when Roman Christianity conquered Europe) are a metaphor for the union of all opposites.  Dark and light, virility and fertility, death and life, male and female, the ritual HIEROS GAMOS (sacred marriage)—are all a metaphor for moving beyond duality into transcendent unity consciousness.

{Eostre by BeruangSakin}

{Eostre by BeruangSakin}

Take time to unify all the opposites and contradictions in your own nature and in our world.  Take time to unify with yourself in a sacred ceremony. Ceremony focuses our intention and makes it sacred.

 March 20th is a day to re-align with, and embody your inner spirit.  Unify your personality with your soul to give birth to and embody your true Spirit.

1. Meditate on those areas in your life that are dying, or calling for change, release or transcendence.  Light a candle that honors the release of the old. Hold the intention that as the candle burns down, that you are burning through all obstructions

2. Meditate also on what is being born in you—those seeds that you are planting and wish to harvest over the next several months.  Light a candle that represents the seeds you are planting in your life.

3. Light a third candle that represents the reconciliation of opposites. Through prayer and meditation, enter into the mystery of Creation. . .and make contact with Creator.   Ask for a blessing. . .that the seeds of new life grow, sprout, blossom and bear fruit; that your soul is nourished; and that new life be nourished and sustained for your own sake and for the sake of others.

4. Close the ceremony with prayers of gratitude.


If you have time, take the ceremony to a feeling of full embodiment through celebratory activities that awaken feeling fully alive joi de vivre.  Consider. . .listen to music, dance, make love, walk in nature, work in the garden if the weather and environment is conducive; sing, or create an art piece (a painting, a collage, sculpture), share a meal with friends and family.



2 thoughts on “Spring Equinox

  1. Ah yes, intention. I love the idea–to be present–in the seed planting. To recognized the changes of the season of letting go of the past and being an active participant of the new. (gathering candles and picking out seeds) Leah

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