Share Your Experiences of Radical Self-Care!

{photo: Sylvia Barnowski}

I developed the practice of Embodied Awareness as a form of radical self-care, believing that this level of self-care is required of us to offer empathic, professional support and service, at the highest level, to those in our sphere of influence, at work, at home, in the community and our environment.

The EMBODIED AWARENESS BLOG is a place for us to share our experiences, explorations and learning with each other. We are a community of helping professionals, educators, healers, artists, scientists, visionaries, leaders and guides who are committed to doing our own inner-work, interpersonal work and world-work.

This is a forum to share your questions, comments and insights as you explore the wisdom transmitted to you via 12 senses – including the 5 senses along with signals from your emotions, thoughts and expanded intuitive perceptions; and to share how you use these inner resources as vital guides to action.

I look forward to hearing from you and growing in awareness together,

with Appreciation and Respect,

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