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Our goal is to help you find enlightening, innovative ways
to succeed in meeting life’s greatest challenges.

Dr Beth Hedva, (R.Psych #3212) 

Founder and Developer of Embodied Awareness Certification Programs

Dr. Beth Hedva, author of Journey from Betrayal to Trust and the award-winning Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, is an internationally recognized counsellor and teacher. She made her reputation blending ancient and indigenous cross-cultural healing practices and spiritual traditions with modern psychological best practices to promote an integrative approach to both personal and community health and wellness.

A past Director of the International Council of Psychologists and current Co-Chair of the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences, Dr. Hedva has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a PhD in Psychology. She is a licensed Psychologist, a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, holds certifications in somatic sexology as well as medical hypnosis and is certified as a Diplomat in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Psychological Specialties. Having worked as an ‘Expert Intuitive’ and liaison to the California-based Office of Paranormal Investigation on research teams to explore ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists since its inception in 1989, she continues to be called upon frequently to function as a Clinical Parapsychologist since moving to Canada in 1996.

She has held core faculty appointments in Antioch University’s Department of Clinical Psychology, and John F. Kennedy University’s prestigious Department of Consciousness Studies in California; acting in an additional role as Director of Clinical Internships and Field Placement at both universities.

As a counselor, she helps individuals find enlightening ways to succeed in dealing with life’s most difficult challenges. In response to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami Disaster (deadliest environmental disaster of the century), Dr Hedva was invited by the Indonesian Psychology Association to up-grade the training of psychologists and volunteer recovery workers. She was invited to to present her work on the disaster recovery program in Indonesia at United Nations in New York. She joined United Nations Child Ambassador, Mariatu Kamura, on her UNICEF mission to post-civil war Sierra Leone February 2008. In response to the January 12, 2010 Haitian earthquake (second deadliest disaster of the century) she was invited to join the Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention mission there, where she trained 275 local volunteer recovery workers.

One of North America’s leading relationship experts, Dr. Hedva was the On-Line “Ask an Expert” for Reader’s Digest Canada. She specializes in intimacy enhancement, cross-cultural Sacred Sexual Practices, and addressing sexual issues in therapy. You will find her listed in Cambridge, England’s 12th Edition of The World’s Who’s Who of Women and nominated for inclusion in the 1st edition of the Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine & Health Care. She was inducted into the American Biographic Institute’s 2009 Hall of Fame for “Humanitarian Contributions in Cross-Cultural Psychology”.

Dr. Beth Hedva conducts professional development training programs globally, and provides customized training sessions to individuals, couples, families, groups, communities, associations and institutions in person, on-location, or at-distance via telephone and internet, world-wide. She recently created and released a university curriculum entitled ‘Embodied Awareness’.

She is available to meet face-to-face, via phone or video-conference world-wide.

TEL: +1 (403) 247-1441


Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitators and Faculty 

Individuals who have been trained by Dr. Beth Hedva and her team are available to support you.

 Please scroll through the list below for individual biographies.


Note: Embodied Awareness is not meant to replace qualified medical support. While many of our trained, certified Embodied Awareness Facilitators are registered with a specific College or licensing Board and are qualified to provide health services to the public, please speak with a primary care provider of your choice if you are in need of specific medical services

(Listed alphabetically by City and First Name)

Berkeley, California

Dr. Patrick Tribble – Doctor of Chiropractic (Berkeley, California) – Embodied Awareness Faculty, is a second generation Chiropractor,Teacher, Healer and Expert Intuitive specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and chronic disorders. Dr. Tribble opened his medical practice in 1983, after graduation from Palmer West. Specializing in Functional Medical models of health, disease and the treatment of chronic ailments, Dr. Tribble has completed two-year advanced training in Neurology from the prestigious Carrick Institute, and advanced training in blood work analysis and diagnosis under the direction of Functional Medicine pioneer, Datis Kharrazian, D.C. Early in his career, Patrick was mentored by Dr. Gayle Pierce, R.N., N.D., D.C., from 1983 until her death in 1999 in a a range of healing methods, including general medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, psychology, and metaphysics.  Dr. Patrick Tribble has served as a board member of the Tibetan Project Fund and the Dzogchen Community West Coast Center, Dondrub Ling. His healing advice appears in several books, including The Intuitive Healer by Marcia Emery and The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne. An extraordinary diagnostician, educator and intuitive, Dr. Patrick Tribble life’s journey led him to met many gifted dedicated people that have been pioneers in areas of healing, medicine, holistic, eastern traditions and chiropractic approaches to improving our well being. website:

Calgary, Canada

Bianca Sinclair, Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator is a Calgary Business Analyst and Psychology major at Athabasca University.   As an Facilitator and Consultant, she brings together interests in psychology and mindfulness and skills as a facilitator, listener, connector, embodied awareness and yoga teacher. When she noticed the impact that job loss was having on her fellow Calgarians she started Laid Off Calgary, a group meets weekly and is open to anyone experiencing job loss, giving them a chance to connect with others in a similar position founder of Laid Off Calgary. The peer support group committed to helping laid off Calgarians manage their new circumstances and prepare for re-entry into the workforce.  Contact

BonnieBonnie J. Sullivan, PhD (Psychologist, RPsych #3245, AB) is a Registered Psychologist and a PhD graduate from Palo Alto University in California. With a wide variety of techniques at her disposal, she is able to utilize a holistic approach to therapy.  She is trained in providing multiple methods of treatment, including traditional and non-traditional therapeutic modalities.   She uses Embodied Awareness techniques to increase her own receptivity to her clients and to help her clients process their experiences. She incorporates the spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional, and the physical in to her work, intentionally aligning and balancing all four areas. Dr. Sullivan is known for her insightful and empowering therapeutic style.  Her clients comment on her ability to help them feel capable and powerful, realizing their own strengths and learning how to utilize them to live the fulfilling lives they never imagined they could accomplish.Dr. Sullivan currently provides services out of her private practice in Calgary. Telephone: (403) 690-2663.  Website:


Jeanne Lefevre, As an Intuitive Counselor for over 25 years, Jeanne works with individuals, couples and groups by providing a safe environment for awareness and growth through guidance and direction. The focus is on the individual moving from fear and pain from various trauma (such as childhood, attachment, betrayal, divorce) to a place of strength, healing and knowledge, gaining education and tools that can be applied in everyday life. Through a non-judgmental and genuine approach in supporting her clients with care and commitment to the person and their journey. Life happens, our choice is how we move through it. Telephone (403) 863-8879

katie-turnerKatie Turner, M.Sc (Psychologist, RPsych #4339) is a Registered Psychologist. Katie takes an integrative, holistic approach to therapy. Katie works with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma symptoms, self-sabotage and spiritual concerns. She has received extensive training in various psychological and healing modalities. As an intuitive healer, Katie helps clients to uncover and heal the root cause of problems that can be difficult to get to with traditional psychological approaches alone. Katie incorporates Embodied Awareness techniques into her approach to therapy to assist clients in increasing their own intuitive awareness and to move past areas where they have been feeling stuck in their lives. Katie currently provides services out of her private practice in Calgary, AB. Telephone: (403) 826-9935       Website: 

Deren Alward, ERS, Embodied Awareness Teaching Assistant and Trainer, Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator. . is a Mental Health Capacity Building Project that offers mental health support and prevention in Banff and Canmore Teacher and Educator with an extensive background working with children, youth, and parents and he is currently works with Alberta Health Services as a Mental Health Mentor.  TEL:

Mardi Dauphinee Embodied Awareness Teaching Assistant and Trainer, Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator; Certified Wrap-Around-Facilitator. Mardi has a passion for supporting people and groups who are actively seeking change by helping them to discover what might be getting in their way. Mardi has been facilitating positive changes in children, youth and families through her work in social services and non-profit agencies for more than 15 years. Mardi uses a number of psychosomatic tools which offer grounding, guidance, reflection, empowerment and growth. Mardi’s Journey’s Edge Guidance & Facilitation offers you authentic, safe and curious exploration of your edges to inspire growth & possibility Her hands-on experience, combined with her belief that ‘you are the expert on you,’ infuses her private practice with presence and depth. Contact:  TEL: 403-921-8572


Meaghan Farquharson – Clinical Counsellor (CCC #4982), Registered Psychologist (Calgary, AB), [M. Ed (Counselling), B.Ed (Phys. Ed/Community Health), BA (Recreation)] – Embodied Awareness Teaching Assistant and Trainer, Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator. Meaghan  works with individuals, couples and youth, and specializes in Trauma Recovery, Communication Skills and Leadership Development. A Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator and Trainer, Meaghan also is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Group Facilitator. Meaghan  is committed to helping men, women, couples and families find healing. After being lost at sea for 40 hours during a shipwreck accident off the coast of Brazil in 2010, her own recovery from post-traumatic stress has inspired her passion to empower those who have experienced abuse, trauma and life-altering events, and she skillfully guides clients to courageously move forward with their lives. Meaghan is a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, and she enjoys sharing the teachings she has received through the honor of participating in cultural events and ceremonies in various Aboriginal communities across Canada and internationally. She is known for integrating ritual, ceremony, embodied awareness and psychosomatic approaches to healing trauma. Telephone (403) 970-0119    Website:

Dr Melanie Mercer, Certified  Embodied Awareness Facilitator has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for 10 years and massage therapy for 23 years. Upon completing her degree at The Academy of Classical Sciences she took a special interest in fertility and reproductive health and has worked with many families to assist in healthy pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum recoveries.

The child of a medical doctor, Melanie has always had an interest in health and wellness. She believes strongly in an integrated approach to healthcare, and is deeply committed to her patient’s overall physical and emotional well-being.  Dr. Mercer has clinic hours in both North and South Calgary. (403) 422-0245 TEXT TO BOOK APPOINTMENT   website:

Vicky Roubekas, MACP, RPsych, Psychologist in CalgaryVicky Roubekas, MACP Registered Psychologist, Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator, Hakomi, EMDR, Individual counselling and energetic healing addressing self-esteem, body issues, health issues, empowerment, finding your authentic self, speaking your personal truth, spirituality, and a sense of connection and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Sessions are based on a holistic approach incorporating mind, body, and spirit and traditional, spiritual, and healing practices.  I am a Registered Psychologist who specializes in anxietyPTSD/trauma, and women’s health.  I will use my intuition and professional training to help you gain deeper insight so you can manage the challenges you are facing and live a more authentic life. Contact: TEL 403-891-1384


Peggy Lynch, is a retired Calgary Police Officer, a coach, mediator and astrologer. Peggy completed a Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Mediation and Negotiation with the Alberta Arbitration Mediation Society at University of Calgary and studied The Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson College.  Her passion since retiring has been engaging clients through the language/prism of astrology by inviting people to investigate the Why’s of their lives or as she likes to say, the WISE, of our lives. Peggy hosts a monthly gathering with 3 other seekers – visit:  (2nd Tuesday of each month at Bow Waters Canoe Club). She believes we do have all the answers if we are asking the right questions. Telephone: 403-650-9299.       Website: 

Vancouver, Canada,

Kim Haxton , 1st Nation’s Facilitator, (Vancouver, BC), ( Embodied Awareness Faculty, Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator; Trainer, Educator and Expert Intuitive) – is a Potowatomi, born on the Wasauksing First Nations Reserve in Canada.  Cofounder of IndiginEYZE and currently living in Vancouver, BC, Kim offers Kim’s community healing work emphasizes leadership development, Embodied Awareness and ‘betrayal-to-trust’ rites of passage, conflict resolution, de-escalation, de-colonization, Spiritual Healing and Ceremony, Group Facilitation and Leadership Development trainings world-wide.  Holding degrees in Geography, and an Honors Bachelor’s Outdoor Recreation degree, Kim Haxton has studied with Indigenous Elders and Traditional Healers world-wide.   Tel: +1(778)709-7843.



Jakarta Trainees, Indonesia with Dr Beth –


Certified in Spiritually Directed Therapy, Trained with Dr Beth and Kim Haxton, Haiti, 2010


Training Daughters of Wisdom in Spiritually Directed Therapy, with Dr Beth Hedva and Kim Haxton, Haiti, 2010


Training Facilitated by Dr Beth Hedva and Grandmother Sara Smith Roots 4 Peace, Mohawk Reserve,  ON Canada


Dr Hedva’s Post-Tsunami Training in Aceh, Indonesia, 2006


Jakarta Trainees, Indonesia with Dr Beth Hedva


Mexico, Dr Beth Hedva with the International Council of Psychologists


2016 Certified EA Graduates , with Dr Beth, Dr Patrick and Kim, Calgary


Dr Beth Hedva’s Indonesian Trainees, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Java 2008


Embodied Awareness For Healing from Trauma in, Bukovu, Congo with Kim and Meahgan, 20

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