Intuition Development: Practice Reading

Some of us are “Seers” Some of us are “Dreamers” and “Visionaries”. Others are “Mediums” or “Channels” and those who offer energetic healing or guidance.Whatever your natural spiritual gifts may be, you may like to join our circle of individuals engaged in personal development and spiritual growth. In this program I will use tarot cards as a focal point for entry into your intuitive awareness.

Meets 4 Tuesday evenings 7:15 – 9:15 pm April 6, 13, 20 and 27.
Fee: $280 + Service Charge and GST (includes 3-month unlimited access to the video library).
Group rates: $150/person for groups of 4 or more
**All tickets are non-refundable.Each session includes time for learning, reflection and practice, a chance to explore and share your gifts, as well as practice to further develop skills with others.

TO REGISTER: email with your contact information to reserve your place.

I will facilitate this experiential program to create a time and place to hone your intuitive skills through the practice of giving and receiving readings. In each class I will demonstrate how to do a reading (using a tarot card spread from a volunteer classmate as an example), Q&A, and ‘private-break-out room’ for you to practice giving yourself, or another class member (your choice) a reading. Experience helps, but is not required as we will be learning from each other. 3-month-open-access to my Video Library is included in the fee. We will mainly be using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck; but feel free to use your deck of choice.

Practice reading tarot cards to unlock inner resources

Week 1- Learn to ‘read’ yourself and others using symbolic creative thinking Awaken intuition by creating a ‘healing story’ using tarot card images and personal associations. Practice combining the position a card takes in a tarot card spread card images and symbols together with your own personal associations to images to create a meaningful insightful story

Week 2 – Expand intuitive insights using psychic sensitivities. Practice reading yourself and others, by expanding symbolic thinking to include all ‘12 senses of embodied awareness’–the usual 5 plus 6) gut feelings, 7) telepathic transmission of emotions, 8) clairaudient transmission of ideas, 9) clairvoyant images and symbolic thinking, 10) intuitive pattern recognition, 11) spiritual discernment and 12) realization.

Week 3 – Making Intuitive Connections Develop the intuitive gift of pattern recognition by exploring the relationship between cards using color and numbers. Learn how to interpret relationships between cards, and their position in a tarot spread. Risk taking intuitive leaps into heading meanings-beyond the card’s position.

Week 4 – Get Creative! Define your strongest intuitive gifts, explore your personal style, recognize barriers to intuition and how to release them.

I am looking forward to seeing you in April! Happy Spring!

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