Introduction to Embodied Awareness Online is Really happening!

My Online course has launched and already we have had our first two graduates! We are also receiving wonderful feedback  – from  Asia and Europe and  North America.


The first graduate went through the 10 module course in only one month! (though we recommend one module per week.) Our second graduate is a bookkeeper by trade, and a volunteer with a not for profit called AARF. She shared how she gets ‘goose bumps’ when she works with the modules and that the images that come to her in her dreams at night have become quite spectacular and meaningful.

A psychologist from Asia, who just started the program, shared one of her greatest insights with me after reading Module 3: Your Transcendent Heart-Brain and Energy Body, “Shocking findings to know that heart is also a gateway to our inner spiritual healing resources.”

I am so grateful to participants who have shared with us their learning curve and their technical challenges as we launched the course – including finding out that the multiple choice exam answers were rotating each time someone opened the program.  This led to not only wrong answers, but also impossible answers, like “both a) and b) in the ‘a’ position of the multiple choice exam!

Our Customer Service team and Technical Support team got to work on this right away . . . re-adjusting the settings, answering questions and concerns. .  . And we are looking into alternative online education platforms so we can make this course even better – more user-friendly and interactive – as we progress.

To those of you who are now engaged in Introduction to Embodied Awareness Online, I am grateful for your participation and feedback. For those of you, who are interested, please reach out. I am excited to share this experience and our (e)learnings with you.

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