Atlantis and Climate Change

We are having unseasonable weather again today . . . it feels like summer . . . I think what we are calling ‘climate change’ is a reflection of the larger changes that we are going through . . . the change into a new Era. The Age of Aquarius.

It is interesting how the early stages of this emerging age are so similar to the Astrological Age that is correlated to the sinking of Atlantis.  In Astrology, we count Astrological Ages based on the precession of the equinox along the ecliptic.  By that calculation, the Age of Atlantis is said to have lasted several thousand years, reaching technological heights during the Age of Virgo, and turning toward more self-centered and self-destructive use of technology and power during the Age of Leo, until it was subsumed by waves during the Age of Cancer about 10,000-11,000 years ago.

I remember seeing the movie Atlantis: The Lost Continent in the early 60’s when I was just a child.  These images left a big impression on me:

  • Cross-breeding between animals and humans
  • Crystal technologies and high-tech power sources
  • Misuse of power by an elite ruling class that brought about its downfall

Sound familiar?

That movie came out 56 years ago–long before we genetically engineered animals and food, quartz watches and silicon-based computers . . . Legend has it that the continent sank beneath the waves because of the misuse of social and political power using technology for self-serving purposes instead of serving the common good.

we can all save the world

The birth of a new era is fraught with labor pains.  We are in the middle of a BIG contraction right now . . . What matters most is how we respond to change as we transition . . . I remind myself today. . .

“The test of our time is to break through separation,both personal alienation and patriotic impulses that portray people from other nations as aliens, to use separation to initiate death and the rebirth of a new golden age. The universality of the next age is represented astrologically by the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by the planet Uranus,symbol of unbridled creativity and unprecedented social change. Key concepts associated with Aquarius include friendship, community, dreams, innovation, creativity, individuality, originality, and humanitarianism. As a metaphor, the Age of Aquarius reflects the unique and original contributions of individuals who gather together in innovative societal groups or communities to creatively nurture humanitarian ideals.”

 Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness