Betrayal of Society – Gateway to the Family of Humanity

In my book Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, I start my Chapter on Betrayal of Society with this:

Wound:   If you suffer from a wound inflicted by society, your sense of relationship to the whole has been injured. You feel isolated and alienated, and powerless and helpless to effect change or get your needs met.

Truth:   Unresolved mother, father, and beloved betrayal wounds are projected onto the collective. Your personal transformation makes you an agent of social transformation. Conscious commitment to be your most creative, fulfilled Self within limits of your physical environment has a profound effect on everyone you meet. This contributes to awakening of humanity.

Healing:   Develop trust in your inner, knowing Self that directs you to ACT in your community, workplace or social group. Let your enthusiasm and joy attract others who share your values and vision. Together with them, practice creating new ways to embody your shared ideals.

green Hope Sign

In Calgary, where I live, many of us are feeling betrayed as we the find our job security vanishing, our lifestyle altering drastically, and a way of life we have come to expect no longer an option. What is true is that we are not alone in this shift of reality in this city, nor are we alone on this planet. Collectively we are living in a time of great change. Some of us are working together to change society from the inside out.

My student Bianca Sinclair is doing just this.

Through her Laid Off Calgary – empowered community support groups Bianca offers the Calgary community an opportunity to address our wounds, understand the truth, and to ACT in a positive healing way.

Groups are held at a local public library in Calgary Alberta, and are free of charge.

Please share with anyone who might benefit from a community engagement such as this.

For more information on Laid Off Calgary, please send an email.

You can also join the growing community through Bianca’s Facebook group.


And, I ask you to consider and share with us what is happening in your community – and – in what ways are you changing society from the inside out?

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