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Over the last two weeks, I have been sharing with you the journey of Bianca Sinclair, who has just founded Laid Off Calgary – empowered community support group.  Bianca is a student of mine and recently completed her course work in my Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification program.  She is now completing her practicum hours.  Since last week, Bianca has had more media coverage and a surge in group participation.

This week she wrote to me:

This past week has been filled with changes, with the first big change being an increase in group size. I went from groups of two or four, to 12 attendees with a wait list!

What I noticed about myself after facilitating my first big group of the week is that I felt a combination of fullness of heart yet I felt exhausted and drained. I also felt an overwhelming urge to take time out for myself for rest and renewal. I appreciated having some extra family support last week so I could immediately take some time for myself by going to a yoga class and letting each encounter with new individuals wash over me by way of each vinyasa sequence. Consistent ujayi breath helped to cleanse my mind of my self-doubts and inner-critic and to just be present and intact in my body again.

The second group on Friday went smoothly. However, I was a little taken a back when I showed up half an hour early to set up and there were already new people waiting to talk to me!

During both sessions this past week, I have been more diligent in capturing the feedback from participants of “what is working well for you? What are your coping strategies?” and sharing this back with them on a whiteboard and my on Facebook page.

I’m observing my keen desire to propel this forward, and to be honest I’m a little fearful that the growth could stop (“what if there are no more members or new requests and people stop showing up”, I ask myself). Then I challenge that thinking with the reminder that everything flows at its own rightful pace in its own rightful place.

Everything is going exactly as it should.


Laid Off Calgary – empowered community support groups are for people who are wrestling with the trauma of being laid off and in sudden career transitions. Groups are held at a local public library in Calgary Alberta, and are free of charge.

Bianca has been interviewed by another the local paper and the response continues to be exceptionally positive.

Please share with anyone who might benefit from a community engagement such as this.

For more information on Laid Off Calgary, please send an email.

You can also join the growing community through Bianca’s Facebook group.


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