Honoring and Respecting the Polarities

Being whole is a state in which there is room for all of who you are.

 Self-awareness spans your full human potential and your human frailties. Self-awareness is neither pole; it is  synergy between the two. In order to perceive clearly the nature of reality and our own nature recognize the paradoxical nature of being human.  Honor and respect the polarities within your nature.  It is this synergy that allows you to tap into that ‘non-dual’ transcendent part of your human nature that is called the Self.

Embodied Awareness is the process of becoming conscious of the Self.  This includes the practice of living more and more consciously from a state of Self-awareness.

Embodied awareness is the practice of holding the paradox–of being both a vulnerable, very mortal human and an infinite spiritual being with the unlimited potential takes you to a more transcendent awareness about not only your situation but also the nature of the ‘human condition’.

Practice making room for all of who you are to embody your Self.  How to become whole?

  • look  into the unconscious– into the darkness,
  • recognize your blind spots when they show up
  • use your intuition to seek to understand the origin of your thoughts and feelings
  • explore projections onto others in the form of your criticism, judgments, idealizations, expectations, past conditioning, habits and assumptions

One person, a Child and Youth Counsellor in our Embodied Awareness program shared his embodied awareness practice, which includes exploring these unconscious ‘shadow’ elements by making them more conscious.

“My daily practice is the shadow work. I didn’t have words for it before; but the work with “the guardians” is my practice.  It is great to wake up in the morning– I have my practice–I meditate for a while, then sit and journal and usually say “good morning” to my good friend, who I call ‘Perceiver’. We have a morning coffee together.  

We have a little chat together. Without doubt, the guardians come in too (and that guardian called “doubt” is always in there).  I’m amazed with how early these guys get up in the morning, these guardians!  They always come in. Initially, it was either anger, doubt or insecurity that showed up first. (I give every feeling its name and call each one by their name). We have a discussion.

When I first started this practice I felt attacked and safe.  I was commencing dialogue, and it felt better with them being present.

Now there has been a great transformation–They feel safe to come and converse.  They are present and we share a dialogue. In our conversations their wisdom–because they are not in a reactive state–the guidance is must quicker. They get to have the seat next to me to converse.

I also invite them to come throughout the day, and often they come when I don’t know they are there and so sometimes it’s reactivity and I recognize them and say, “Welcome! There you are!  And right now is not the ideal time for me… maybe we can make an appointment to talk tomorrow?”  This is definitely an evolving practice with me and I am grateful”.

Thank you Deren, for sharing.